Affective Touch and the Neurophysiology of CT Afferents

  • Håkan Olausson
  • Johan Wessberg
  • India Morrison
  • Francis McGlone

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Åke Vallbo, Line Löken, Johan Wessberg
    Pages 1-30
  3. Mark Pitcher, Claire E. Le Pichon, Alexander Chesler
    Pages 31-48
  4. Rebecca P. Seal, Ellen A. Lumpkin
    Pages 49-59
  5. Rochelle Ackerley, Helena Backlund Wasling, Francis McGlone
    Pages 85-109
  6. David Andrew, A. D. (Bud) Craig
    Pages 159-173
  7. Jonathan Cole, India Morrison, Irene Perini, Håkan Olausson
    Pages 175-185
  8. Malin Björnsdotter
    Pages 187-194
  9. Alberto Gallace, Charles Spence
    Pages 227-238
  10. Guro Løseth, Siri Leknes, Dan-Mikael Ellingsen
    Pages 239-264
  11. Francis McGlone, Susannah Walker, Rochelle Ackerley
    Pages 265-282
  12. Annett Schirmer, Maria Teresa Wijaya, Siwei Liu
    Pages 283-299
  13. Janniko R. Georgiadis, Morten L. Kringelbach
    Pages 301-321
  14. Matthew Fulkerson
    Pages 323-339
  15. Erin Hope Thompson
    Pages 341-353
  16. Antje Gentsch, Laura Crucianelli, Paul Jenkinson, Aikaterini Fotopoulou
    Pages 355-384
  17. Tiffany Field
    Pages 385-396
  18. Carissa J. Cascio
    Pages 397-407
  19. Jaquette Liljencrantz, Mark Pitcher, M. Catherine Bushnell, Håkan Olausson
    Pages 409-420
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 421-430

About this book


CT afferents are receptors in mammalian hairy skin that fire action potentials when the skin is touched lightly which makes them particularly important in affective touch.  Traditionally neuroscientific research has focused on more discriminative and haptic properties of touch that are mediated by large myelinated afferents and the coding properties and functional organization of unmyelinated CT afferents have been studied much less.  The proposed volume will draw together existing knowledge in this nascent field. Separate sections will address (1) how we can measure affective touch, (2) CT structure and physiology, (3) CT processing, (4) the contribution of CTs to sexual behavior, (5) clinical relevance, (6) commercial relevance, and (7) future research considerations.


CT afferents neuronal coding sensory processing tactile stimulation emotions communication pain pleasure

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  • Håkan Olausson
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  • Johan Wessberg
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  • India Morrison
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  • Francis McGlone
    • 4
  1. 1.Center for Social and Affective NeuroscienceLinköping UniversityGöteborgSweden
  2. 2.Institute of Neuroscience and PhysiologyThe Sahlgrenska Academy University of GothenburgGöteborgSweden
  3. 3.Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Center for Social and Affective NeuroscienceLinköping UniversityLinköpingSweden
  4. 4.Research Centre for Brain & BehaviourSchool of Natural Sciences and Psychology Liverpool John Moores UniversityLiverpoolUnited Kingdom

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