Handbook of Biomaterial Properties

  • William Murphy
  • Jonathan Black
  • Garth Hastings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Part I

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. J. Currey
      Pages 3-13
    3. Christopher J. Hernandez
      Pages 15-21
    4. K. E. Healy
      Pages 23-36
    5. J. R. Parsons
      Pages 37-43
    6. V. M. Gharpuray
      Pages 45-54
    7. Connie S. Chamberlain, Ray Vanderby Jr.
      Pages 55-62
    8. A. F. T. Mak, M. Zhang
      Pages 63-66
    9. S. S. Margulies, D. F. Meaney
      Pages 67-76
    10. X. Deng, R. Guidoin
      Pages 77-101
    11. Traian V. Chirila, Shuko Suzuki
      Pages 103-113
    12. V. Turitto, S. M. Slack
      Pages 115-124
    13. Traian V. Chirila, Ye Hong
      Pages 125-134
    14. Traian V. Chirila, Shuko Suzuki
      Pages 135-148
  3. Part II

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 149-149
    2. H. Breme, V. Biehl, Nina Reger, Ellen Gawalt
      Pages 151-158
    3. H. Breme, V. Biehl, Nina Reger, Ellen Gawalt
      Pages 167-189
    4. Jonathan Black, Garth Hastings
      Pages 191-203
    5. L. Ambrosio, G. Carotenuto, L. Nicolais
      Pages 205-259
    6. J. W. Boretos, S. J. Boretos
      Pages 291-337
    7. Garth Hastings, Ishbel Gair, D. Daily
      Pages 353-445
    8. M. LaBerge, J. D. Desjardins
      Pages 455-493
    9. M. A. Barbosa
      Pages 509-548
    10. A. D. Haubold, R. B. More, J. C. Bokros
      Pages 549-560
  4. Part III

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 561-561
    2. D. F. Williams
      Pages 563-570
    3. J. M. Anderson
      Pages 571-579
    4. T. O. Albrektsson
      Pages 581-592
    5. K. Merritt
      Pages 593-606
    6. M. Rock
      Pages 607-620
    7. S. R. Hanson
      Pages 621-630
    8. S. E. Gabriel
      Pages 631-644
    9. Joel Gaston, Susan L. Thibeault
      Pages 645-657
  5. Garth Hastings, Ishbel Gair, D. Daily
    Pages E1-E1
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 659-676

About this book


This book provides tabular and text data relating to normal and diseased tissue materials and materials used in medical devices. Comprehensive and practical for students, researchers, engineers, and practicing physicians who use implants, this book considers the materials aspects of both implantable materials and natural tissues and fluids. Examples of materials and topics covered include titanium, elastomers, degradable biomaterials, composites, scaffold materials for tissue engineering, dental implants, sterilization effects on material properties, metallic alloys, and much more. Each chapter author considers the intrinsic and interactive properties of biomaterials, as well as their appropriate applications and historical contexts. Now in an updated second edition, this book also contains two new chapters on the cornea and on vocal folds, as well as updated insights, data, and citations for several chapters.


Biomedical Engineering Characterization and Evaluation of Materials Dentistry Ophthalmology Surgery

Editors and affiliations

  • William Murphy
    • 1
  • Jonathan Black
    • 2
  • Garth Hastings
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Orthopedics and RehabilitationUniversity of Wisconsin Department of Biomedical Engineering andMADISONUSA
  2. 2.King of PrussiaPrincipal: IMN Biomaterials King of PrussiaKing of Prussia, PAUSA
  3. 3.Staffordshire University (Emeritus)LymeUnited Kingdom

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