Primary Aldosteronism

Molecular Genetics, Endocrinology, and Translational Medicine

  • Per Hellman

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Gian Paolo Rossi, Livia Lenzini
    Pages 1-20
  3. Richard Douglas Gordon
    Pages 21-38
  4. Per Hellman, Emil Hagström
    Pages 39-44
  5. Per Hellman, Tobias Åkerström, Peyman Björklund
    Pages 45-52
  6. Maria-Christina Zennaro, Sheerazed Boulkroun
    Pages 53-74
  7. Paolo Mulatero, Silvia Monticone, Franco Veglio, Tracy Ann Williams
    Pages 75-86
  8. Michael Stowasser, Richard Douglas Gordon
    Pages 87-97
  9. Tracy Ann Williams, Silvia Monticone, Franco Veglio, Paolo Mulatero
    Pages 99-108
  10. Michael Stowasser, Richard Douglas Gordon
    Pages 109-126
  11. Matthias Haase, Matthias Gruber, Xing Gao, Oliver Vonend, Holger S. Willenberg
    Pages 127-140
  12. Andreas Tomasschitz, Stefan Pilz
    Pages 155-196
  13. Michael Stowasser, Ashraf H. Ahmed
    Pages 197-207
  14. Yoshiyu Takeda, Masashi Demura, Takashi Yoneda
    Pages 209-214
  15. Peter Stålberg, Per Hellman
    Pages 215-223
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 225-233

About this book


Primary Aldosteronism (PA) is a disease caused by the overproduction of aldosterone hormone from the adrenal glands. PA causes hypertension and the majority with this disease are undiagnosed for PA. There are new insights into this matter by using biochemistry as well as advanced radiology. In 2011, a breakthrough in the genetic derangements came, identifying a mutated potassium channel gene – KCNJ5 – in about 40% of PA with adenoma. Chapters in this book include a history of the disorder, epidemiology, genetics derangements, the KCNJ5 mutations and phenotype and more.


aldosteronism endocrinology genetics hormone hypertension

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