Robust Intelligence and Trust in Autonomous Systems

  • Ranjeev Mittu
  • Donald Sofge
  • Alan Wagner
  • W.F. Lawless

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Ranjeev Mittu, Donald Sofge, Alan Wagner, W. F. Lawless
    Pages 1-10
  3. Gavin Taylor, Ranjeev Mittu, Ciara Sibley, Joseph Coyne
    Pages 11-31
  4. Michael W. Floyd, Michael Drinkwater, David W. Aha
    Pages 33-53
  5. Gari Palmer, Anne Selwyn, Dan Zwillinger
    Pages 55-77
  6. Mo Jamshidi, Barney Tannahill, Arezou Moussavi
    Pages 79-95
  7. Behzad Sadrfaridpour, Hamed Saeidi, Jenny Burke, Kapil Madathil, Yue Wang
    Pages 115-141
  8. Paul Robinette, Alan R. Wagner, Ayanna M. Howard
    Pages 143-166
  9. Fei Gao, M. L. Cummings, Erin Solovey
    Pages 167-190
  10. Holly A. Yanco, Munjal Desai, Jill L. Drury, Aaron Steinfeld
    Pages 219-254

About this book


This volume explores the intersection of robust intelligence (RI) and trust in autonomous systems across multiple contexts among autonomous hybrid systems, where hybrids are arbitrary combinations of humans, machines and robots. To better understand the relationships between artificial intelligence (AI) and RI in a way that promotes trust between autonomous systems and human users, this book explores the underlying theory, mathematics, computational models, and field applications.  It uniquely unifies the fields of RI and trust and frames it in a broader context, namely the effective integration of human-autonomous systems. 
A description of the current state of the art in RI and trust introduces the research work in this area.  With this foundation, the chapters further elaborate on key research areas and gaps that are at the heart of effective human-systems integration, including workload management, human computer interfaces, team integration and performance, advanced analytics, behavior modeling, training, and, lastly, test and evaluation. 
Written by international leading researchers from across the field of autonomous systems research, Robust Intelligence and Trust in Autonomous Systems dedicates itself to thoroughly examining the challenges and trends of systems that exhibit RI, the fundamental implications of RI in developing trusted relationships with present and future autonomous systems, and the effective human systems integration that must result for trust to be sustained.
Contributing authors:  David W. Aha, Jenny Burke, Joseph Coyne, M.L. Cummings, Munjal Desai, Michael Drinkwater, Jill L. Drury, Michael W. Floyd, Fei Gao, Vladimir Gontar, Ayanna M. Howard, Mo Jamshidi, W.F. Lawless, Kapil Madathil, Ranjeev Mittu, Arezou Moussavi, Gari Palmer, Paul Robinette, Behzad Sadrfaridpour, Hamed Saeidi, Kristin E. Schaefer, Anne Selwyn, Ciara Sibley, Donald A. Sofge, Erin Solovey, Aaron Steinfeld, Barney Tannahill, Gavin Taylor, Alan R. Wagner, Yue Wang, Holly A. Yanco, Dan Zwillinger.


Autonomy Collaboration Cyber-security Driverless cards Emergency Hostile environments Intelligence Robot-human teams Robotic medicine Robust Safety Trust Emergency Big Data Metrics Deep learning Control Automation

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