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Health Psychology

Processes and Applications

  • Annabel K. Broome

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Processes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages xv-xv
    2. Theresa M. Marteau
      Pages 1-23
    3. Peter Harvey
      Pages 24-33
    4. Martin Willmott
      Pages 57-73
    5. Susan P. Llewelyn
      Pages 114-130
    6. Elizabeth J. Robinson
      Pages 131-150
  3. Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 151-151
    2. Christine Bundy
      Pages 153-182
    3. Peter James
      Pages 183-207
    4. Richard W. Shillitoe, David W. Miles
      Pages 208-233
    5. Stephen M. Wilkinson
      Pages 234-254
    6. Paul Bennett
      Pages 255-276
    7. Nicola Bradbury
      Pages 295-311
    8. Myra Hunter
      Pages 312-344

About this book


ANNABEL K. BROOME The importance of psychological processes in the experience of health and sickness is being increasingly recognized. There is mounting evidence for the role of personal behaviour in current trends of morbidity and mortality, which is reflected in rapid and significant developments in psychological research. Patterns of illness and death have changed in recent years, with concurrent changes in demands on health services, the skills of carers and the adjustments of the sick person. It is within this changing scene that clinical and health psychologists are becoming increasingly involved in applied research into the prevention or alleviation of current health problems. These changes are also influencing the training of health professionals, with behavioural sciences now forming a substantial component of basic curricula in medical schools and other areas of professional training. This book has arisen from this chan ging clinical scene and the need to convey useful psychological principles to care givers. Part One con­ centrates on the general psychological processes that have relevance in many health settings, in the prevention, alleviation and management of illness, as weIl as current practices in health care delivery. As these developments have been patchy, Part Two focuses on selected specialties that have received attention. This book is not a comprehensive review of work done in all medical specialties, although the structure has been chosen to reflect the prevalent sub divisions of medical teamwork.


attention clinical psychology compliance health health psychology management pain placebo prevention psychology stress

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