Phytochemical Resources for Medicine and Agriculture

  • Herbert N. Nigg
  • David Seigler

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Horace G. Cutler
    Pages 1-13
  3. Walter H. Lewis
    Pages 33-74
  4. Rudolf Brenneisen, Mahmoud A. ElSohly
    Pages 97-116
  5. Robert P. Borris, James M. Schaeffer
    Pages 117-158
  6. Joseph Kuc
    Pages 159-184
  7. David J. Chitwood
    Pages 185-204
  8. Horace G. Cutler
    Pages 205-226
  9. William S. Bowers
    Pages 227-235
  10. Ross C. Beier, Herbert N. Nigg
    Pages 247-367
  11. Herbert N. Nigg, David S. Seigler
    Pages 369-376
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 377-445

About this book


This book was tbe result of a symposium beld at tbe American Cbernical Society meeting in Miami Beacb, Florida, September 10-15, 1989. The symposium was jointly sponsored by Tbe Society for Economfc Botany and tbe American Cbernical Society Food and Natural Product sub division. Tbere were five speakers. During tbe social sessions (mostly over drinks in abotel room), it became obvious tbat, regardless of tbe discipline, we were all speaking tbe same language. Yet, prior to tbe symposium, only a few of tbe participants knew one anotber. We decided to expand tbe symposium into a book. The book would, we boped, accomplish for otbers wbat we bad discovered in ourselves. That is, the field of Natural Products is broad, but similar in techniques and approach, ancient but modern, and bas been and continues to be extremely valuable to humankind. We wanted the book to serve as an introductory text for courses and as a reference work for the future. We also determined to include the structure of every chemical in the chapter where it was mentioned so the reader would not have to find the structure somewhere else or to try and deduce the structure from the chemical name. Little did we know what an undertaking these goals would be or the time this would take.


agriculture botanics natural products pesticide plant plants poison research

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