Integration of Mitochondrial Function

  • John J. Lemasters
  • Charles R. Hackenbrock
  • Ronald G. Thurman
  • Hans V. Westerhoff

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Diffusional Integration of Mitochondrial Function

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Charles R. Hackenbrock, Sharmila Shaila Gupte
      Pages 15-22
    3. S. Ferguson-Miller, K. Rajarathnam, J. Hochman, M. Schindler
      Pages 23-31
    4. G. Lenaz, R. Fato, C. Castelluccio, M. Degli Esposti, C. M. Samworth, M. Battino et al.
      Pages 33-52
    5. A. Trivedi, A. V. Wearring, S. D. Kohlwein, F. Paltauf, E. R. Tustanoff
      Pages 87-94
  3. Thermodynamic Integration

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 103-103
    2. Hans V. Westerhoff, Fernando Ferrer, R. Dean Astumian
      Pages 105-119
    3. G. F. Azzone, Daniela Pietrobon, S. Luvisetto
      Pages 121-134
    4. Jörg W. Stucki, Erwin Sigel
      Pages 169-175
    5. William L. Gitomer, Richard L. Veech
      Pages 177-196
    6. Daniela Pietrobon, Valeria Petronilli, G. F. Azzone
      Pages 213-219
  4. Flux Control and Structural Regulation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 221-221
    2. Jerzy Duszyñski, Anna Żółkiewska, Krystyna Bogucka, Lech Wojtczak
      Pages 223-234
    3. Richard G. Hansford, Rafael Moreno-Sánchez, James Staddon
      Pages 235-244
    4. Keith D. Garlid
      Pages 259-278
    5. Paul A. Srere, Lindsey Inman, Zsolt Liposits, Balazs Sumegi
      Pages 279-288
    6. Rafael Moreno-Sánchez, M. Teresa Espinosa-García, J. Carlos Raya
      Pages 297-304
    7. M. Catia Sorgato, Giovanna Lippe, Bernhard U. Keller, Walter Stühmer
      Pages 305-311
    8. Peter P. Toth, Britton Chance, John E. Sell, John F. Holland, Shelagh Ferguson-Miller, Clarence H. Suelter
      Pages 313-323
    9. Patricia M. Sokolove, Mary Beth Kester, Patricia A. Westphal, Roderick Wierwille, Karin Sikora-VanMeter
      Pages 333-340
    10. E. S. Kline, R. B. Brandt, J. E. Laux, S. E. Spainhour
      Pages 349-356
  5. In Situ Assessment of Mitochondrial Function

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 365-365
    2. Brian Herman, Anna-Liisa Nieminen, Gregory J. Gores, John J. Lemasters
      Pages 379-391
    3. E. Murphy, C. Steenbergen, A. LeFurgey, M. Lieberman, R. E. London
      Pages 413-420
    4. Gregory J. Gores, Anna-Liisa Nieminen, Thomas L. Dawson, Brian Herman, John J. Lemasters
      Pages 421-428
    5. Benjamin F. Trump, Mary W. Smith, Patricia C. Phelps, Annette L. Regec, Irene K. Berezesky
      Pages 437-444
    6. Danièle C. Gautheron, Jane Comte, Roger Meister
      Pages 451-458
    7. Michela Rugolo, Teresa Mastrocola, Giorgio Lenaz
      Pages 467-472

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