Membranes and Membrane Processes

  • Enrico Drioli
  • Masayuki Nakagaki

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Ryohei Hori, Ken-ichi Inui, Mikihisa Takano, Tomonobu Okano
    Pages 1-7
  3. M. Nakagaki, R. Takagi
    Pages 77-84
  4. H. Kimizuka, Y. Nagata, W. Yang
    Pages 85-92
  5. A. Lindheimer, D. Cros, B. Brun, C. Gavach
    Pages 101-113
  6. F. Pittalis, F. Bartoli
    Pages 137-142
  7. J. M. Espenan, P. Aptel
    Pages 151-161
  8. G. Jonsson, P. M. Christensen
    Pages 179-190
  9. Shoji Kimura, Akiyoshi Tamano
    Pages 191-197
  10. R. M. McDonogh, C. J. D. Fell, A. G. Fane
    Pages 199-208
  11. Gun Trägårdh, Karin Ölund
    Pages 209-214
  12. K. H. Kroner, W. Hummel, J. Völkel, M.-R. Kula
    Pages 223-232
  13. M. Cantarella, V. Scardi, A. Gallifuoco, M. G. Tafuri, F. Alfani
    Pages 233-240
  14. H. Ohya, K. Emori, T. Ohto, Y. Negishi
    Pages 273-280
  15. R. Leysen, W. Doyen, R. Proost, H. Vandenborre
    Pages 319-326
  16. U. Eickmann, U. Werner
    Pages 327-334
  17. J.-P. Brun, C. Larchet, B. Auclair
    Pages 335-341
  18. T. J. van Gassel, K. Schneider
    Pages 343-348
  19. Y. Kobatake, N. Kamo, T. Shinbo
    Pages 387-403
  20. C. T. Badenhop, A. L. Bourgignon
    Pages 429-446
  21. E. Sada, S. Katoh, M. Terashima
    Pages 455-459
  22. G. Alberti, M. Casciola, U. Costantino, D. Fabiani
    Pages 461-473

About this book


During the past two decades Membrane Science and Technology has made tremendous progress and has changed from a simple laboratory tool to large scale processes with numerous applications in Medicine and Industry. In this volume are collected papers presented at the First Europe­ Japan Congress on Membrane and Membrane processes, held in Stresa in June 1984. Other contributions to the Conference will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Membrane Science. This Conference was organized by the European Society of Membrane Science and Technology and the Membrane Society of Japan, to bring together European Scientists and Engineers face to face with their colleagues from Japan; in both countries membrane processes will play a strategic role in many industrial areas in the 1990s, as predicted by the Japanese project for Next Generation Industries and by the EEC Project on Basic Techno­ logical Research (BRITE). The large number of participants, of about four hundred from twenty­ six countries including USA, Australia, China and Brazil, the quality of the Plenary Lectures and Scientific Communications made the Conference a significant international success.


Chitosan Permeation Polyarylsulfone Polylactide Polyurethan Polyurethane polymer

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  • Masayuki Nakagaki
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  2. 2.Kyoto UniversityKyotoJapan

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