Residual Stress and Stress Relaxation

  • Eric Kula
  • Volker Weiss

Part of the Sagamore Army Materials Research Conference Proceedings book series (SAMC, volume 28)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Session I

    1. I. C. Noyan, J. B. Cohen
      Pages 1-17
  3. Session II

  4. Session III

  5. Session IV

    1. Joseph F. Throop, John H. Underwood, Gregory S. Leger
      Pages 205-226
  6. Session V

  7. Session VI

    1. R. M. McMeeking, E. H. Lee
      Pages 315-329
    2. Eugene Shapiro, Joseph Winter
      Pages 331-339
    3. Fred Witt, Fee Lee, Walter Rider
      Pages 355-368
  8. Session VII

    1. Kenneth H. Eckelmeyer
      Pages 389-407
    2. Paul Predecki, Charles S. Barrett
      Pages 409-424
    3. Swe-Den Tsai, M. Schmerling, H. L. Marcus
      Pages 425-438
    4. A. R. Cooper
      Pages 439-465
  9. Session VIII

    1. L. Pintschovius, V. Jung, E. Macherauch, R. Schäfer, O. Vöhringer
      Pages 467-482
    2. S. Weissmann, Z. H. Kalman, J. Chaudhuri, R. Yazici, W. Mayo
      Pages 501-519
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 531-535

About this book


The Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center in coop­ eration with the Materials Science Group of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science of Syracuse University has been conducting the Annual Sagamore Army Materials Research Conference since 1954. The specific purpose of these conferences has been to bring together scientists and engineers from academic institutions, industry and government who are uniquely qualified to explore in depth a subject of importance to the Department of Defense, the Army and the scientific community. These proceedings, entitled RESIDUAL STRESS AND STRESS RELAXATION, address the nature of residual stresses and their measurements, the sources of residual stress, stress relaxation, sub-critical crack growth in the presence of residual stress, residual stresses and properties, and research in progress. We wish to acknowledge the assistance of Mr. Dan McNaught of the Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center and Mr. Robert J. Sell and Helen Brown DeMascio of Syracuse University throughout the stages of the conference planning and finally the publication of the book. The continued active interest and support of these conferences by Dr. E. Wright, Director of the Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center, is appreciated.


X-ray diffraction experiment fields fracture fracture mechanics mechanics metals neutron

Editors and affiliations

  • Eric Kula
    • 1
  • Volker Weiss
    • 2
  1. 1.Army Materials and Mechanics Research CenterWatertownUSA
  2. 2.Syracuse UniversitySyracuseUSA

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