Mineral Scale Formation and Inhibition

  • Zahid Amjad

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Joseph L. Katz, Katrin I. Parsiegla
    Pages 11-20
  3. R. V. Davis, P. W. Carter, M. A. Kamrath, D. A. Johnson, P. E. Reed
    Pages 33-46
  4. Allen M. Carrier, Michael L. Standish
    Pages 63-71
  5. J. D. Sallis, W. Juckes, M. E. Anderson
    Pages 87-98
  6. Abbas Abdul-Rahman, M. Salem, G. H. Nancollas
    Pages 121-129
  7. Pavlos G. Klepetsanis, Nikolaos Lampeas, Nikolaos Kioupis, Petros G. Koutsoukos
    Pages 131-144
  8. Robert P. Kreh, Wayne L. Henry, John Richardson, Vincent R. Kuhn
    Pages 145-155
  9. C. L. Howie-Meyers, K. Yu, D. Elliott, T. Vasudevan, M. P. Aronson, K. P. Ananthapadmanabhan et al.
    Pages 169-182
  10. Kostas D. Daskalakis, George H. Nancollas
    Pages 219-230
  11. J. L. Fox, Z. Wang, J. Hsu, A. Baig, S. Colby, G. L. Powell et al.
    Pages 231-250
  12. P. G. Klepetsanis, P. Drakia, P. G. Koutsoukos
    Pages 251-259
  13. M. Markovic, B. O. Fowler, M. S. Tung, E. S. Lagergren
    Pages 271-282
  14. Sergio J. Gadaleta, Richard Mendelsohn, Eleftherios L. Paschalis, Nancy P. Camacho, Foster Betts, Adele L. Boskey
    Pages 283-294
  15. M. Tomson, A. T. Kan, J. E. Oddo, A. J. Gerbino
    Pages 307-322
  16. R. J. Ferguson, A. J. Freedman, G. Fowler, A. J. Kulik, J. Robson, D. J. Weintritt
    Pages 323-339
  17. Lin Song, Bruce C. Bunker, Gordon L. Graff, Michael J. Pattillo, Allison A. Campbell
    Pages 341-346
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 347-354

About this book


This book documents the proceedings of the symposium, "Mineral Scale Formation and Inhibition," held at the American Chemical Society Annual Meeting August 21 to 26, 1994, in Washington, D. C. The symposium, sponsored by the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, was held in honor of Professor George H. Nancollas for his pioneering work in the field of crystal growth from solution. A total of 30 papers were presented by a wide spectrum of scientists. This book also includes papers that were not presented but were in the symposium program. The separation of a solid by crystallization is one of the oldest and perhaps the most frequently used operations in chemistry. Because of its widespread applicability, in recent years there has been considerable interest exhibited by academic and industrial scientists in understanding the mechanisms of crystallization of sparingly soluble salts. The salt systems of great interest in industrial water treatment area (i. e. , cooling and boiler) include carbon­ ates, sulfates, phosphates, and phosphonates of alkaline earth metals. Although not as common as calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate, barium and strontium sulfates have long plagued oil field and gas production operations. The build-up of these sparingly soluble salts on equipment surfaces results in lower heat transfer efficiency, increased corrosion rates, increased pumping costs, etc. In the laundry application, insoluble calcium carbonate tends to accumulate on washed fabrics and washing equipment parts, resulting in undesirable fabric-encrustation or scaling.


adsorption alkaline earth metal barium calcium colloid crystal crystallization electrolyte iron kinetics magnesium metals mineral polyelectrolyte polymer

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