Its Uses and Derivatives

  • Hans Dressler

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The chemistry, manufacture, and uses of the specialty chemical resorcinol (1,3-dihy­ droxybenzene) have a rich history, variety, and current interest. This book is intended to be the first detailed review of this product. The numerous references and the Index given in the book are intended to help users of resorcinol and resorcinol derivatives in their work, perhaps even to help in the development of new ideas. The chemical industry in the United States, as well as in many other parts of the world, is being challenged on many fronts, old and new, due to global competitive, environmental, governmental, political, and technological trends that seem more variable than ever before. The case of resorcinol mirrors this array of challenges and demonstrates the broad range of successes and some of the problems of the industry. It is shown how a sprout of a chemical grew over time into a sizable, still growing item of co~erce. In the description of this development it becomes apparent how many different talents and trades it takes to develop, manufacture, and market a product. Also given are indications of how academic research and applied research/devel­ opment quite often, intentionally or not, influence each other and can spur the creative process to the benefit of both. Areas are outlined where the current, often intense, work employing resorcinol is aimed. Thus, the old chemical is shown to be involved in an intriguing tomorrow.


additive chemicals iron polymer polymers

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