Drug and Alcohol Use

Issues and Factors

  • Stanley Einstein

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  2. R. A. Steffenhagen
    Pages 25-35
  3. Steven E. Hobfoll, T. Rom, Bernard Segal
    Pages 53-59
  4. J. David Hawkins, Mark W. Fraser
    Pages 73-91
  5. John Maxwell O’Brien, Sheldon C. Seller
    Pages 93-100
  6. J. F. Golding, G. L. Mangan
    Pages 101-117
  7. Sam Lison, Ruti Saenger, Ilana Vinder
    Pages 155-162
  8. Ethan Nebelkopf
    Pages 189-202
  9. Richard C. Page
    Pages 203-207
  10. Steven E. Hobfoll, Dennis Kelso, W. Jack Peterson
    Pages 231-241
  11. David K. Wellisch
    Pages 243-252
  12. William B. O’Brien, Sy Halpern
    Pages 295-302
  13. Pritam S. Bhatia
    Pages 313-328
  14. Meir Teichman, Steve Richman, Eric W. Fine
    Pages 357-362
  15. Gordon E. Barnes
    Pages 363-385

About this book


This book is the outcome of the First International Congress on Drugs and Alcohol to be held in Israel. Both the conference and this volume grew out of the need to overcome the specious man-made barriers which continue to separate intervention plans and efforts in the broad field of substance use and misuse. This need demands that all of us become aware not only of the differences which may separate our concerns, but also of the similarities in our goals and endeavors. We are obligated to draw together toward a common effort for the common good. The conference was designed to facilitate the exploration ot generic ~ssues. This volume is designed to document a variety of factors which are basic to the defining, selection, planning, implementation, and evaluation of substance use and misuse intervention. This book is not a traditional proceedings volume. Because the needs of a listening audience are quite different from those of the solitary reader, and the roles of a workshop or plenary session participant are also dissimilar from those of the reader, not all of the Congress presentations are included, and the articles that are included have undergone major revi­ sions. Current intervention needs and options demand a broad spectrum of clearly defined roles for all who are or should be involved. Hence these issues, among others, served as guidelines in the preparation of the revised articles.


Drogen alcohol development etiology hydrogen metabolism pharmacology population prevention therapy

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  1. 1.Middle Eastern Summer Institute on Drug Use (MESIDU)JerusalemIsrael

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