New Risks: Issues and Management

  • Louis A. CoxJr.
  • Paolo F. Ricci

Part of the Advances in Risk Analysis book series (AIRA, volume 6)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Marvin Feldman, Leland D. Attaway, Robert F. Hahn
    Pages 1-9
  3. Judith E. Selvidge
    Pages 11-13
  4. Donna Spiegelman, John C. Bailar III, Edmund A. C. Crouch, Rashid Shaikh
    Pages 65-76
  5. Bernhard Metzger, Edmund Crouch, Richard Wilson
    Pages 77-85
  6. P. D. Moskowitz, V. M. Fthenakis, L. D. Hamilton, P. Kalb, J. C. Lee
    Pages 129-134
  7. R. K. McGuire, J. C. Stepp, G. R. Toro
    Pages 143-151
  8. Robin Cantor, Steve Rayner
    Pages 153-158
  9. P. D. Moskowitz, N. L. Oden, W. H. Medeiros, E. A. Coveney
    Pages 167-172
  10. Elizabeth T. Hawkins, Elizabeth A. Ryan, Susan L. Santos
    Pages 185-190
  11. R. Coulon, J. Aigueperse, F. Anguenot, G. Bresson
    Pages 229-240
  12. Carolyn Needleman
    Pages 259-267
  13. S. T. Smith, J. J. Lim, J. R. Phillips, R. M. Tisinger, D. C. Brown, P. D. FitzGerald
    Pages 315-330
  14. George O. Rogers, Norman P. Hummon, Daniel J. Strom
    Pages 349-358
  15. H. Keith Florig
    Pages 359-370
  16. Lance J. Hoffman
    Pages 371-377
  17. Bruce Tonn, Richard Goeltz
    Pages 403-412
  18. D. Okrent, S. Arueti
    Pages 431-440
  19. Jussi K. Vaurio, Jaana Isaksson, Ulf Linden
    Pages 441-450

About this book


This volume contains the proceedings of the 1986 annual meeting and conference of the Society for Risk Analysis. It provides a detailed view of both mature disciplines and emerging areas within the fields of health, safety, and environmental risk analysis as they existed in 1986. In selecting and organizing topics for this conference, we sought both (i) to identify and include new ideas and application areas that would be of lasting interest to risk analysts and to users of risk analysis results, and (ii) to include innovative methods and applications in established areas of risk analysis. In the three years since the conference, many of the topics presented there for the first time to a broad risk analysis audience have become well developed-and sometimes hotly debated-areas of applied risk research. Several, such as the public health hazards from indoor air pollutants, radon in the home, high-voltage electric fields, and the AIDS epidemic, have been the subjects of headlines since 1986. Older areas, such as hazardous waste site ranking and remediation, air emissions dispersion modeling and exposure assessment, transportation safety, seismic and nuclear risk assessment, and occupational safety in the chemical industry, have continued to receive new treatments and to benefit from advances in quantitative risk assessment methods, as documented in the theoretical and methodological papers in this volume. A theme of the meeting was the importance of new technologies and the new and uncertain risks that they create.


AIDS Assessment Controlling metabolism pesticide production screening

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