Particle Technology and Surface Phenomena in Minerals and Petroleum

  • Mahendra K. Sharma
  • G. D. Sharma

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Asphaltene Aggregation and Characterization

    1. V. A. Kamath, M. R. Islam, S. L. Patil, J. C. Jiang, M. G. Kakade
      Pages 1-21
    2. Jiunn-Ren Lin, Hsienjen Lian, Jason Chen, Teh Fu Yen
      Pages 23-30
    3. Jiunn-Ren Lin, Hsienjen Lian, Kazem M. Sadeghi, Teh Fu Yen
      Pages 31-38
  3. Theoretical Aspects and Reservoir Characterization

    1. Aboulghasem Moonesan, Mohamed S. Bizanti
      Pages 69-79
    2. S. Qadeer, K. Dehghani, D. O. Ogbe, R. D. Ostermann
      Pages 81-104
    3. G. D. Sharma, D. O. Ogbe, V. A. Kamath, M. Zhang
      Pages 105-133
    4. G. D. Sharma, V. A. Kamath, S. L. Patil
      Pages 135-155
  4. Colloidal Dispersions in Minerals/Petroleum

    1. E. E. Isaacs, H. Huang, R. S. Chow, A. J. Babchin
      Pages 157-171
    2. B. M. Moudgil, Shou-Lian Zhu
      Pages 173-178
    3. Ana E. Paixão, Cesar C. Santana
      Pages 179-190
  5. Surface Phenomena and Petroleum Recovery

  6. Back Matter
    Pages 293-297

About this book


The current state of the art of several aspects of minerals and petroleum is presented in this volume. It documents the proceedings of the Internationl symposium on Particle Technology and Surface Phenomena in Minerals and Petroleum sponsored by the Fine Particle Society (FPS). This meeting was held in San Diego, California, August 21-25, 1990. The symposium upon which this volume is based was organized in five sessions emphasizing various basic and applied aspects of research on minerals and petroleum technology. Major topics discussed involve surface phenomena in minerals, mineral flotation, characterization of aspaltenes, theoretical aspects of reservoir simulation, porosity, permeability, residual water saturation, hydrocarbon and gas potential in north slope Alaska, polymer/alkaline flooding, surfactant flooding and foam flooding for enhanced oil recovery. This edition includes eighteen selected papers presented in the symposium. These papers are divided in four broad categories: (1) Asphaltene Aggregation and Characterization, (2) Theoretical Aspects and Reservoir Characterization, (3) Colloidal Dispersions in Minerals/Petroleum, and (4) Surface Phenomena and Petroleum Recovery. Several mineral and oil recovery processes using various chemicals with special reference to surface phenomena and particle technology are described in these sections.


Chlor colloid flow polymer separation viscosity water

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