Language and Cognition

Essays in Honor of Arthur J. Bronstein

  • Lawrence J. Raphael
  • Carolyn B. Raphael
  • Miriam R. Valdovinos

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Walter S. Avis
    Pages 1-9
  3. Edward H. Bendix
    Pages 11-27
  4. Moe Bergman
    Pages 29-33
  5. Dwight Bolinger
    Pages 45-58
  6. Louis J. Gerstman, Marcia Rich-Siebzehner
    Pages 79-81
  7. Konrad Gries
    Pages 83-88
  8. Katherine S. Harris, Fredericka Bell-Berti
    Pages 89-95
  9. Irving Hochberg
    Pages 97-99
  10. D. Terence Langendoen
    Pages 107-123
  11. Samuel R. Levin
    Pages 125-127
  12. Harry Levitt
    Pages 129-150
  13. Samuel Lieberman
    Pages 151-157
  14. Raven I. McDavid Jr.
    Pages 159-167
  15. Donald Meltzer
    Pages 169-194
  16. Mardel Ogilvie
    Pages 241-248
  17. Lawrence J. Raphael, Michael F. Dorman
    Pages 249-256
  18. John F. Wilson
    Pages 269-281
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 283-285

About this book


We are pleased to be able to honor Arthur J. Bronstein with this volume of essays. We are all the more pleased because the volume has consider­ able intrinsic merit, but neither the reader nor Arthur should have any doubts about our primary purpose in assembling this book. That the col­ lection is intrinsically valuable is, in itself, a tribute to the man whom it honors: The contributing authors are all colleagues, students, and friends of Arthur. Readers who are acquainted with Arthur will not be surprised by the broad range of academic expertise which has been brought to bear on the subject of language in this book. They will recognize that Arthur's own range of expertise and interest is only barely matched by the contents of the essays and the backgrounds of their authors. On the other hand, those who know little about Arthur may have thought of him primarily in narrow association with phonetics and lin­ guistics, most likely as the author of The Pronunciation of American English, surely the most influential of American phonetics texts during the last quarter of a century. Although such an association is in many respects appropriate, it is altogether too limited, but this will not deter us from using it as the basis for a relevant and, we hope, revealing metaphor about Arthur J.


Phonem language language acquisition perception psychoanalysis

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  • Carolyn B. Raphael
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  • Miriam R. Valdovinos
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