Tissue Culture in Forestry and Agriculture

  • Randolph R. Henke
  • Karen W. Hughes
  • Milton J. Constantin
  • Alexander Hollaender
  • Claire M. Wilson

Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 32)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Keynote Address

    1. Leon Dure III
      Pages 1-7
  3. Regeneration Phenomena

  4. Developmental Mechanisms

    1. David A. Stuart, Janet Nelsen, Steven G. Strickland, James W. Nichol
      Pages 59-73
    2. Elias A. Shahin, Mayar Yashar
      Pages 75-82
  5. Applications of Developmental Systems

    1. Joseph D. Lutz, James R. Wong, Jan Rowe, David M. Tricoli, Robert H. Lawrence Jr.
      Pages 105-116
  6. Genetic Variability and Stability

    1. Peter S. Carlson
      Pages 131-138
    2. Elizabeth D. Earle, Vernon E. Gracen
      Pages 139-152
    3. Peter M. Gresshoff
      Pages 153-163
  7. Propagation of Woody Species

    1. Richard E. Litz
      Pages 179-193
    2. M. R. Sondahl, T. Nakamura, W. R. Sharp
      Pages 215-232
  8. Tissue Culture for Forest Improvement

  9. Poster Abstracts

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 297-297
    2. B. J. Ahn, F. H. Huang, J. W. King
      Pages 299-300
    3. Seifu M. Belay
      Pages 306-306
    4. James D. Caponetti, Thomas E. Byrne
      Pages 309-310
    5. B. J. Disney, N. D. Camper, G. Fassuliotis
      Pages 311-311
    6. J. W. Fahey, J. N. Reed, T. L. Readdy, G. M. Pace
      Pages 313-314
    7. M. J. Foxe, A. E. Logan, F. W. Zettler
      Pages 318-318
    8. Chandrasekaran I. Franklin, Ralph L. Mott, Jerome P. Miksche
      Pages 319-319
    9. Carl H. Frisch, N. D. Camper
      Pages 320-321
    10. Heather G. Herrera, Gregory C. Phillips
      Pages 322-323
    11. Gary P. Howland, George Meskimen, Milton J. Constantin
      Pages 324-325
    12. R. L. Jarret, R. E. Litz, J. Fisher
      Pages 329-329
    13. Robert D. Locy, Lawrence C. Fisher
      Pages 331-331
    14. S. Lowe, N. P. Everett, D. B. Taylor, K. E. Paterson
      Pages 332-333
    15. Christy MacKinnon, Murray W. Nabors
      Pages 334-334
    16. Meena S. Moses, June E. Sullivan
      Pages 335-335
    17. Ralph L. Mott, John M. Cordts, Ann M. Larson
      Pages 336-337
    18. Peter Petracek, Carl E. Sams
      Pages 340-340

About this book


This symposium is the third in a series featuring the propaga­ tion of higher plants through tissue culture. The first of these symposia, entitled "A Bridge Between Research and Application," was held at the University in 1978 and was published by the Technical Information Center, Department of Energy. The second symposium, on "Emerging Technologies and Strategies," was held in 1980 and pub­ lished as a special issue of Environmental and Experimental Botany. One of the aims of these symposia was to examine the current state­ of-the-art in tissue culture technology and to relate this state of technology to practical, applied, and commercial interests. Thus, the third of this series on development and variation focused on embryogenesis in culture: how to recognize it, factors which affect embryogenesis, use of embryogenic systems, etc.; and variability from culture. A special session on woody species again emphasized somatic embryogenesis as a means of rapid propagation. This volume emphasizes tissue culture of forest trees. All of these areas, we feel, are breakthrough areas in which significant progress is expected in the next few years.


Arabidopsis thaliana DNA Forestry Tropical deforestation cell cell culture enzyme forest growth morphology protoplasts regeneration resistance rice tissue

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