Engineering and Scientific Solutions

  • Euval S. Barrekette

Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 2)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Climatic Aspects of Pollution

    1. James T. Peterson
      Pages 10-18
    2. John R. Hummel
      Pages 19-25
  3. Pollution and Space

  4. Air Pollution

  5. Agricultural and Pest Control Aspects of Pollution

  6. Sulfur Dioxide

  7. Propellants and Explosives

    1. H. G. Rigo, W. J. Mikucki, M. L. Davis
      Pages 278-287
    2. Leo A. Spano, Ronald A. Chalk, John T. Walsh, Carmine DiPietro
      Pages 288-297
    3. Irving Forsten
      Pages 298-303
    4. Bernard E. Drimmer
      Pages 304-309
  8. Solid Waste, Land Use

    1. J. Charles Jennett, Bobby G. Wixson, Ernst Bolter, James O. Pierce
      Pages 320-330
    2. J. J. Kolega, A. W. Dewey, R. L. Leonard, B. J. Cosenza
      Pages 346-356
    3. David Bendersky, William R. Park, Larry J. Shannon, William E. Franklin
      Pages 357-379
    4. A. Netzer, A. Bowers, J. D. Norman
      Pages 380-386
    5. S. C. Reed, T. Buzzell, S. Buda
      Pages 387-397
  9. Sensing, Instrumentation, and Measurement

  10. Models

    1. H. Melvin Lieberstein
      Pages 487-503
    2. H. S. Green
      Pages 510-521
    3. Dolloff F. Bishop, Walter W. Schuk, Robert B. Samworth, Ralph Bernstein, Elliott D. Fein
      Pages 522-547
  11. Noise

    1. L. S. Goodfriend, F. M. Kessler
      Pages 572-586
    2. William J. Galloway
      Pages 587-593

About this book


The rapid deterioration of the environment in many countries around the world, or of segments and aspects of the environment in specific locations, made it necessary that immediate - even if only short term - solutions be found to as many of these problems as possible. Nevertheless, in the long run, long range and long term solutions must be found taking into account the effects of one country or region on another as well as of the inter-action between the different types of pollution over extended periods of time. It was the purpose of the Tel Aviv meeting on Pollution: Engineering and Scientific Solutions, to address presently known or foreseeable "environmental insults;" that is, to focus on those aspects of air, noise, land, water or any other environmental quality for which there already exist engineering, scientific, legal or other solutions. Consequently, people from all disci­ plines which are relevant to environmental problems and their solutions were invited to participate.


Potential Water pollution air pollution contaminants emissions environment environmental protection heat herbicides metals noise pollution soil soil pollution wave

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