C++17 Standard Library Quick Reference

A Pocket Guide to Data Structures, Algorithms, and Functions

  • Peter Van Weert
  • Marc Gregoire

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Peter Van Weert, Marc Gregoire
    Pages 1-27
  3. Peter Van Weert, Marc Gregoire
    Pages 29-72
  4. Peter Van Weert, Marc Gregoire
    Pages 73-111
  5. Peter Van Weert, Marc Gregoire
    Pages 113-139
  6. Peter Van Weert, Marc Gregoire
    Pages 141-187
  7. Peter Van Weert, Marc Gregoire
    Pages 189-230
  8. Peter Van Weert, Marc Gregoire
    Pages 231-255
  9. Peter Van Weert, Marc Gregoire
    Pages 257-269
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 271-293

About this book


This quick reference is a condensed guide to the essential data structures, algorithms, and functions provided by the C++17 Standard Library. It does not explain the C++ language or syntax, but is accessible to anyone with basic C++ knowledge or programming experience. Even the most experienced C++ programmer will learn a thing or two from it and find it a useful memory-aid. 

It is hard to remember all the possibilities, details, and intricacies of the vast and growing Standard Library. This handy reference guide is therefore indispensable to any C++ programmer. It offers a condensed, well-structured summary of all essential aspects of the C++ Standard Library. No page-long, repetitive examples or obscure, rarely used features. Instead, everything you need to know and watch out for in practice is outlined in a compact, to-the-point style, interspersed with practical tips and well-chosen, clarifying examples. 

This new edition is updated to include all Standard Library changes in C++17, including the new vocabulary types std::string_view, any, optional, and variant; parallel algorithms; the file system library; specialized mathematical functions; and more.

You will:
  • Gain the essentials that the C++ Standard Library has to offer
  • Use containers to efficiently store and retrieve your data
  • Inspect and manipulate your data with algorithms 
  • See how lambda expressions allow for elegant use of algorithms
  • Discover what the standard string class provides and how to use it
  • Write localized applications
  • Work with file and stream-based I/O
  • Prevent memory leaks with smart pointers
  • Write safe and efficient multi-threaded code using the threading libraries


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  • Marc Gregoire
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