R Data Science Quick Reference

A Pocket Guide to APIs, Libraries, and Packages

  • Thomas┬áMailund

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About this book


In this handy, practical book you will cover each concept concisely, with many illustrative examples. You'll be introduced to several R data science packages, with examples of how to use each of them. 

In this book, you'll learn about the following APIs and packages that deal specifically with data science applications:  readr, tibble, forcates, lubridate, stringr, tidyr, magnittr, dplyr, purrr, ggplot2, modelr, broom, knitr, shiny, and more.

After using this handy quick reference guide, you'll have the code, APIs, and insights to write data science-based applications in the R programming language.  You'll also be able to carry out data analysis.  

You will:
  • Get started with RMarkdown and notebooks
  • Import data with readr
  • Work with categories using forcats, time and dates with lubridate, and strings with stringr
  • Format data using tidyr and then transform that data using magrittr and dplyr
  • Write functions with R for data science, data mining, and analytics-based applications
  • Visualize data with ggplot 2 and data fit for models using modelr and broom
  • Report results with markdown, knitr, shiny, and more


R data science tidyr analytics purrr ggplot modelr broom markdown knitr shiny tidyr stingr forcats lubridate magrittr dplyr tibble readr RMarkdown

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