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Building Microservices Applications on Microsoft Azure

Designing, Developing, Deploying, and Monitoring


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Harsh Chawla, Hemant Kathuria
    Pages 1-20
  3. Harsh Chawla, Hemant Kathuria
    Pages 21-41
  4. Harsh Chawla, Hemant Kathuria
    Pages 43-109
  5. Harsh Chawla, Hemant Kathuria
    Pages 111-150
  6. Harsh Chawla, Hemant Kathuria
    Pages 151-177
  7. Harsh Chawla, Hemant Kathuria
    Pages 179-191
  8. Harsh Chawla, Hemant Kathuria
    Pages 193-223
  9. Harsh Chawla, Hemant Kathuria
    Pages 225-244
  10. Harsh Chawla, Hemant Kathuria
    Pages 245-255
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 257-262

About this book


Implement microservices starting with their architecture and moving on to their deployment, manageability, security, and monitoring. This book explains the concepts of microservices architecture and discusses the pros and cons of migrating versus developing .NET-based applications on containers in Microsoft Azure.

Building Microservices Applications on Microsoft Azure begins with a survey of microservices architecture compared to monolithic architecture and covers microservices implementation in detail. From there, you will explore microservices deployment on Azure, including containers, Azure Service Fabric, and Azure SQL database. Next, you will learn about monitoring options for Azure Service Fabric clusters and work with the various Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) options.

Finally, you’ll wrap up with a discussion of the various database options for microservices applications and cover how to build hybrid applications using Microsoft Azure Stack. After reading this book, you will be able to build microservices applications from scratch and harness the power of containers on the Microsoft Azure platform.      

You will:
  • Understand the criteria used in microservices and monolithic applications
  • Build scalable, agile, and secure microservices applications on Microsoft Azure 
  • Create hybrid microservices applications on Microsoft Azure stack
  • Organize and monitor microservices applications running on containers using Kubernetes
  • Secure ASP.NET MVC, MVC Web API, and SPA microservices 


Microservices Containers Azure Stack Azure Service Fabric Kubernetes Monitoring application

Authors and affiliations

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About the authors

Harsh Chawla has been part of Microsoft for last 11 years and has done various roles - currently, a Solutions Sales Professional with Microsoft GSMO. He has been working with large IT enterprises as a strategist to optimize their solutions using Microsoft technologies on both private and public cloud. He is an active community speaker and blogger on data platform technologies.

Hemant Kathuria is a consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services. He is assisting top Indian IT companies and customers in defining and adopting cloud and mobile strategies. He is an Advocate of Microsoft Azure and a frequent speaker at various public platforms such as Microsoft Ignite, TechReady, Tech-Ed, Azure Conference, and Future Decoded.


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