Karma-based API on Apple Platforms

Building Privacy Into iOS and macOS Apps

  • Manuel Carrasco Molina

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About this book


Leverage the best techniques provided by Apple to build apps with maximum privacy for your users. This book explores not only the how-to steps for implementing privacy in your apps, but also answers workflow questions about what information you actually need.

Do you need full access to a device’s contacts? Do you need to have location services enabled in the background constantly? This book explains how to selectively enable services and how to make apps that can continue to function even when the user refuses to share data. Understanding the needs of your users and the expectations of Apple in reviewing your app will make better apps. 

You'll see how to ensure that you make it through the App Store review quickly and without the need to go back and develop privacy protocols that should have been in place to begin with. Not only is developing with privacy in mind good from a moral standpoint, but it also helps you create leaner apps that set themselves up for less potential data breaches and issues later on in distribution. 

While a basic understanding of app creation is expected, no deep understanding of Cocoa(Touch) or Swift will be required as code will point to the Apple Documentation.


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