Python for Data Mining Quick Syntax Reference

  • Valentina Porcu

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About this book


​Learn how to use Python and its structures, how to install Python, and which tools are best suited for data analyst work. This book provides you with a handy reference and tutorial on topics ranging from basic Python concepts through to data mining, manipulating and importing datasets, and data analysis.

Python for Data Mining Quick Syntax Reference covers each concept concisely, with many illustrative examples. You'll be introduced to several data mining packages, with examples of how to use each of them. 

The first part covers core Python including objects, lists, functions, modules, and error handling. The second part covers Python's most important data mining packages: NumPy and SciPy for mathematical functions and random data generation, pandas for dataframe management and data import, Matplotlib for drawing charts, and scikitlearn for machine learning. 


data object-oriented programming OOP pandas SciPy NumPy Matplotlib objects functions scikit-learn machine learning

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