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Enterprise DevOps Framework

Transforming IT Operations


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About this book


Transform your IT organization from one weighed down by set practices to one with a DevOps culture and a cloud-first strategy that is optimized by automation and other lean practices. In this engaging read, you will discover the opportunities, challenges, lessons, and rewards that CA Technologies encountered when making their agile and DevOps transformation.

In Enterprise DevOps Framework author Shamayel Farooqui shows you how agile adoption will enable your organization to stay ahead in an ever-changing business environment and meet your customers’ needs. He includes detailed references to key concepts such as agile, hybrid and cloud technology, infrastructure management, and process automation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Establish the focus areas for your IT organization
  • Prepare for the challenges of transforming your enterprise to a DevOps, agile organization
  • Know the key steps for executing an enterprise DevOps strategy
  • Build a strong team of DevOps individuals focused on improving the efficiency of your organization through Agile methodologies, automation, cloud adoption, and “infrastructure as code” practices


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About the authors

Shamayel M. Farooqui is a serial innovator who thrives on building creative solutions to solve complex IT problems. He has successfully led IT teams which specialize in enabling DevOps within an organization by the using the power of automation. The teams he managed have been responsible for developing automation for business process automation and cloud management, including application migration on public cloud. He designed an innovation framework to simplify the process of driving innovation in an enterprise and has been at the helm of introducing a disruptive approach for modernizing IT processes and to ensure business is optimized by using these practices. He is well versed with cloud technology and is at the forefront of the adoption of IAAS and PAAS within his organization.

Shamayel has also designed and architected the automation framework for implementing process automation solutions. He has delivered Process Automation as a Service for his organization, which was used to drive multiple optimization initiatives successfully to reduce operational costs and risks for IT. He has been a champion for running lean IT and has played the role of a mentor by coaching many IT engineers on automation and innovation practices.

Shamayel has a master’s degree in computer science from Loyola University, Chicago and a certification from MIT’s Sloan Executive Education, titled “Innovation of Products and Services: MIT’s Approach to Design Thinking”.

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