Leap Motion for Developers

  • Abhishek Nandy

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About this book


Develop apps and games using the Leap Motion sensor. This book starts with a brief introduction to Leap Motion, then covers getting the Leap Motion working and setting up a Leap Motion development environment.Leap Motion for Developers also covers the life cycle of how you interact with Leap Motion and the workflow of making a complete app. You’ll see how to use different programming languages for simple and steady development.

The next part of the book walks through the basics of Leap Motion with Python and Java. We will then work on using Leap Motion with Unity, where we will build an app using Unity and then add different functionality to it. In the last part we cover Unreal 4, Processing, and JavaScript for Leap Motion. 

You will:
  • Look at the basics of Leap Motion
  • Develop apps for the Leap Motion sensor
  • See how different languages work with Leap Motion
  • Discover the future of Leap Motion


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