Python, PyGame and Raspberry Pi Game Development

  • Sloan Kelly

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About this book


Gain the basics of Python and use PyGame to create fast-paced video games with great graphics and sounds. You'll also learn about object oriented programming (OOP) as well as design patterns like model-view-controller (MVC) and finite state machines (FSMs).

Python, PyGame and Raspberry Pi Game Development teaches you how to use Python and PyGame on your computer. Whether you use Windows, macOS, Linux, or a Raspberry Pi you can unleash the power of Python and PyGame to create great looking games. Included in the text are complete code listings and explanations for "Bricks," "Snake" and "Invaders"-- three fully-working games. These allow you to get started making your own great games. Modify them or build your own exciting titles.

What You'll Learn  

  • Gain the basics of Python and employ it for game development
  • Design your game
  • Build games using game projects as templates like Bricks, Snake, and Invaders
  • Work with user defined functions, inheritance, composition, and aggregation
  • Add sound to your games
  • Implement finite state machines 

Who This Book Is For

Experienced coders or game developers new to Python, PyGame and Raspberry Pi. This book is also for makers interested in getting into game development.


Raspberry Pi Games Python PyGame game development programming software code

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