Java Lambdas and Parallel Streams

  • Michael Müller

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About this book


This compact book introduces the concepts of Java lambdas and parallel streams in a concise form. It begins by introducing new supporting features such as functional interfaces, default methods and more. After this, the author demonstrates how streams can be parallelized in a very simple way—within certain limits, no knowledge about the thread management is needed. Nevertheless, some basic elements in the context of parallelism need to be considered. Here, the book provides a variety of information and best practices.

What You Will Learn
  • Master lambdas and streams
  • Work with the default method
  • Harness streams and the stream() function 
  • Use Stream and Spliterator
  • Take advantage of parallel streams
  • Work with collectors and concurrency

Who This Book Is For

Experienced Java programmers and developers.



java lambdas parallel streams java concurrency spliterator

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