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Beginning Design for 3D Printing

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About this book


Beginning Design for 3D Printing is the full color go-to-guide for creating just about anything on a 3D printer. This book will demystify the design process for 3D printing, providing the proper workflows for those new to 3D printing, eager artists, seasoned engineers, 3D printing entrepreneurs, and first-time owners of 3D printers to ensure original ideas can be 3D printed.

Beginning Design for 3D Printing explores a variety of 3D printing projects. Focus is on the use of freely available 3D design applications with step-by-step techniques that will demonstrate how to create a wide variety of 3D printable objects and illustrate the differences between splines, polygons, and solids. Users will get a deep understanding of a wide range modeling applications. They'll learn the differences between organic modeling tools, hard edge modeling, and precision, CAD-based techniques used to make 3D printable designs, practical products, and personalized works of art.

Whether you are a student on a budget or a company exploring R & D options for 3D printing, Beginning Design for 3D Printing will provide the right tools and techniques to ensure 3D printing success.

About the authors

Joe Micallef spent 10 years working as a graphic designer before pursuing a Masters degree in animation at the University of Southern California. At USC Joe became the university’s Adobe Scholar and also was awarded an Annenberg Fellowship that required him to collaborate with USC’s Virtebi School of Engineering. Through this collaboration Joe began to conceptualize workflows that combined animation and 3D printing. After attaining his Masters, Joe provided his media expertise to various manufacturing organizations for training, marketing, and advocacy purposes. He has deep experience creating models for 3D printing, animation and video games simultaneously, and teaches modeling and animation at Pasadena City College.

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