Developments in Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology

  • John R. Crawford
  • Denis M. Parker

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. J. A. O. Besson, J. R. Crawford, D. M. Parker, P. V. Best, H. G. Gemmell, P. F. Sharp et al.
    Pages 1-14
  3. D. M. Parker, J. R. Crawford, J. A. O. Besson, H. G. Gemmel, P. F. Sharp
    Pages 15-25
  4. Klaus D. Wiedmann, J. T. Lindsay Wilson
    Pages 27-38
  5. Arthur A. Dunk, John W. Moore
    Pages 39-46
  6. L. E. F. MacDonell, F. K. Skinner, E. M. T. Glen, A. I. M. Glen
    Pages 47-54
  7. Ziyah Mehta, Freda Newcombe, Graham Ratcliff
    Pages 87-98
  8. A. David Milner, Michael D. Rugg
    Pages 99-112
  9. Anthony S. David
    Pages 113-126
  10. K. P. Ebmeier, A. R. MacKenzie, D. D. Potter, E. A. Salzen
    Pages 127-136
  11. Hadyn D. Ellis
    Pages 151-166
  12. Catherine Yee-Yuen Peng, Ruth Campbell
    Pages 167-181
  13. R. Logie, R. Cubelli, S. Della Sala, M. Alberoni, P. Nichelli
    Pages 203-211
  14. Alison Peaker, Lesley E. Stewart
    Pages 219-236
  15. Janet Cockburn, Barbara A. Wilson, Alan D. Baddeley
    Pages 237-245
  16. David A. Johnson
    Pages 259-271
  17. Rosalyn Shute, Krystyna Curtis
    Pages 283-291
  18. W. M. McKinlay, A. Hickox
    Pages 293-304
  19. David J. Weeks, Kate Ward
    Pages 305-313
  20. J. T. L. Wilson, G. N. Dutton, K. D. Wiedmann
    Pages 315-324
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 333-338

About this book


The chapters published in this volume developed from presentations, and their associated discussions at a conference organised by the Scottish Branch of the British Psychological Society, held at Rothesay, Isle of Bute, Scotland in September 1987. The goal of the conference was to bring together workers across a wide area of neuropsychological research to discuss recent technological advances, developments in assessment and rehabilitation, and to address theoretical issues of current interest. Thus, the chapters in this book include contributions on the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography in neuropsychological research, studies of hemi­ spheric specialisation and cooperation, alcoholic and Alzheimer type dementia, prosopagnosia and facial processing, the assessment, management and rehabilitation of memory problems, the assessment of premorbid intellectual status and issues in developmental neuropsychology. Many of those engaged in research and clinical practice in neuropsychology encounter a range of topic at least as wide as this in their professional lives. The opportunity for researchers and clinicians to discuss some of the key issues in the field was invaluable and we hope that readers gain as much from the material presented here as the participants did from the meeting itself.


Alzheimer Flow imaging techniques neuropsychology rehabilitation

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