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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Carleton J. Phillips, Bernard Tandler
    Pages 1-66
  3. Robert J. Baker, Mazin B. Qumsiyeh, Craig S. Hood
    Pages 67-96
  4. Li Chuan-Kuei, Robert W. Wilson, Mary R. Dawson, Leonard Krishtalka
    Pages 97-108
  5. Anthony D. Barnosky
    Pages 109-147
  6. Norman C. Negus, Patricia J. Berger
    Pages 149-173
  7. Olav T. Oftedal, Daryl J. Boness, Raymond A. Tedman
    Pages 175-245
  8. Randall S. Wells, Michael D. Scott, A. Blair Irvine
    Pages 247-305
  9. Michael A. Mares, Thomas E. Lacher Jr.
    Pages 307-348
  10. Kent H. Redford
    Pages 349-399
  11. G. Timothy O’Neal, Jerran T. Flinders, Warren P. Clary
    Pages 443-481
  12. William B. Jackson
    Pages 495-512
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 513-519

About this book


When I first proposed a series entitled Current Mammalogy to the pub­ lishers, they were reluctant to undertake such a project because they viewed the field of mammology as overly fragmented. At first I found this idea to be difficult to accept; however, upon reflection, I came near to agreeing with it. Although many of us work on mammals, we gen­ erally feel more allegiance to our specialties, such as systematics, ge­ netics, cytogenetics, ecology, behavior, pest control, paleontology, wildlife management, primatology, and marine mammalogy, than we do to the general field of mammalogy. However, rather than becoming discour­ aged from pursuing this project, I became more certain than ever that a series such as Current Mammalogy was needed. We hope to make this series a place where specialists can present their ideas not only to other members of their specialty, but to those outside the area as well. Hopefully, this exchange of ideas will be a mutually beneficial exercise. The Editorial Board of Current Mammalogy has decided to keep the range of subjects in each volume as broad as possible rather than concentrating on one or two topics, in the hope that this will keep the series as useful as possible to the broadest range of readers.


Mammalia anatomy behavior ecology evolution genetics physiology systematics the origin wildlife management

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  • Hugh H. Genoways
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  1. 1.University of Nebraska State MuseumLincolnUSA

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