Cancer, AIDS, and Quality of Life

  • Jay A. Levy
  • Claude Jasmin
  • Gabriel Bez

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Introduction

  3. Cancer, AIDS, and Quality of Life

  4. Commentaries

    1. Quality of Life: Who Is Responsible?

      1. Vassilis Georgoulias, Charalaubos Kourousis, Stelios Kakolyris
        Pages 97-100
    2. Quality of Life: Who Defines It?

      1. Lisbeth Sachs
        Pages 107-113
    3. Quality of Life at the End Stages of Life

      1. Mohammed Bedjaoui
        Pages 119-127
      2. Robert N. Butler
        Pages 129-130
      3. Joanne Lynn
        Pages 137-140
    4. Quality of Life: Socio-Economic, Geographic, and Cultural Factors

      1. Eka Esu-Williams
        Pages 141-146
      2. Lieve Fransen
        Pages 147-153
      3. Sonta M. Hunt
        Pages 155-158
      4. John Orley
        Pages 159-162
      5. Patrice Pinell
        Pages 163-167
      6. Ibrahim M. Shoaib
        Pages 169-172
    5. Quality of Life: Pharmaceutical Considerations

      1. Paul A. Marks
        Pages 173-178
      2. Stephen K. Carter
        Pages 179-181
      3. Harvey V. Fineberg
        Pages 189-192
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 193-198

About this book


This volume contains selected contributions from individuals who attended the Sec­ ond International Conference of the International Council for Global Health Progress (ICGHP) held at UNESCO in Paris, France, on January 15-17, 1996. This conference brought together experts in many disciplines that deal with the devastating diseases of cancer and AIDS with a focus on the concerns for quality of life. The ICGHP fosters mul­ ticultural and, multidisciplinary approaches to global health problems to help influence governments and other international health organizations to emphasize prevention and care of diseases and to understand their scientific, social, and cultural features. The Coun­ cil encourages the interchange of information on health problems and policy and supports educational funding for the public at large. Its objective is to effect diseases-free lives in the world community. Participants of the conference included scientists, sociologists, government leaders, physicians, health care providers, epidemiologists, religious leaders, company officials, ethicists, and philosophers. They examined and discussed the many variables involved in quality of life for people affected with cancer and with AIDS. The volume's text begins with introductory comments by officials attending the JCGHP conference. Subsequently, a chapter is dedicated to one aspect of quality of life, be it definition, scientific research, evolution, cultural changes, ethics, measurements, or other issues dealing with health care and treatment survival. The second part of the volume includes commentaries dealing with fi ve aspects of quality of life which merit consideration.


AIDS cancer diagnosis oncology prevention quality of life

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  • Jay A. Levy
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  • Claude Jasmin
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  • Gabriel Bez
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  1. 1.Department of Medicine, Cancer Research InstituteUniversity of CaliforniaSan FranciscoUSA
  2. 2.Department of Hematology, Immunology and BiologyHôpital Paul BrousseVillejuifFrance
  3. 3.Ministère de la Santé PubliqueParisFrance

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