Bee Products

Properties, Applications, and Apitherapy

  • Avshalom Mizrahi
  • Yaacov Lensky

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Justin O. Schmidt
    Pages 15-26
  3. P. C. Molan
    Pages 27-37
  4. Stefan Bogdanov
    Pages 39-47
  5. Gennady Rosenblat, Stephane Angonnet, Alexandr Goroshit, Mina Tabak, Ishak Neeman
    Pages 49-55
  6. Th. J. Postmes, M. M. C. Bosch, R. Dutrieux, J. van Baare, M. J. Hoekstra
    Pages 57-63
  7. S. R. Grobler, N. J. Basson
    Pages 65-71
  8. I. Gedalia, S. R. Grobler, I. Grizim D. Steinberg, L. Shapira, I. Lewinstein, Mo. Sela
    Pages 73-76
  9. Zohara Yaniv, Michal Rudich
    Pages 77-81
  10. M. G. Campos, A. Cunha, K. R. Markham
    Pages 93-100
  11. W. Fierro Morales, J. López Garbarino
    Pages 101-105
  12. Park Jong-Sung, Woo Kun-Suk
    Pages 121-124
  13. Woo Kun-Suk, Park Jong-Sung
    Pages 125-127
  14. Pierre Cassier, Yaacov Lensky
    Pages 137-150
  15. Osman Kaftanoglu, Atilla Tanyeli
    Pages 179-183
  16. Eli Zlotkin
    Pages 185-201
  17. G. Bkaily, M. Simaan, D. Jaalouk, P. Pothier
    Pages 203-211
  18. Th. Cherbuliez
    Pages 213-220
  19. Franco Feraboli
    Pages 221-225
  20. Nivia Macedo Freire Alcici
    Pages 231-238
  21. S. Bogdanov, V. Kilchenmann, A. Imdorf
    Pages 239-246
  22. Back Matter
    Pages 263-269

About this book


The nature .and diversity of presentations at the conference on: "Bee Products: Prop­ erties, Applications and Apitherapy" held at Tel-Aviv on May 26--30, 1996, emphasize the increasing interest of physicians, practitioners, scientists, herbalists, dieticians, cosmeti­ cians, microbiologists, and beekeepers in different facets of bee products. This volume consists of a selection of 31 contributions presented at the conference and which provide information on the present status of our knowledge in this area. In spite of their diversity, they reflect the mainstream of the conference, namely: "Imported" Prod­ ucts (honey, pollen and propolis), Exocrine Secretions of Workers (venom, royal jelly). Toxicity and Contaminants, Quality Control, Marketing, Apitherapy, Cosmetics, etc. Since antiquity, honey as well as other bee products were used as food, as a cure for ailments of humans and animals, and as cosmetics. We hope that this volume will contribute to interdisciplinary studies on chemical composition, pharmacological effects, nutrition, and other aspects of bee products. Critical and unbiased experimental research may unravel the yet unknown composition and mode of action of bee products and elucidate many unanswered questions. The noteworthy features of this conference were the participants from all parts of the world and of different cultural backgrounds, who shared their keen interest and curios­ ity regarding honey bees and their products. We thank all of them for their personal con­ tribution to the success of this conference.


Calcium allergy animals food nutrition toxicity

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  • Avshalom Mizrahi
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  • Yaacov Lensky
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  1. 1.The Israeli College of Complementary MedicineTel AvivIsrael
  2. 2.Triwaks Bee Research CenterThe Hebrew UniversityRehovotIsrael

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