Applications of Advanced Technology to Ash-Related Problems in Boilers

  • Larry Baxter
  • Richard DeSollar

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Steven A. Benson, Edward N. Steadman, Christopher J. Zygarlicke, Thomas A. Erickson
    Pages 1-15
  3. Richard W. DeSollar
    Pages 17-25
  4. T. F. Wall, S. P. Bhattacharya, L. L. Baxter, B. C. Young, A. A. Grisanti
    Pages 67-82
  5. John P. Hurley, Jan W. Nowok, Tina M. Strobel, Cathy A. O’Keefe, Jay A. Bieber, Bruce A. Dockter
    Pages 83-96
  6. K. R. G. Hein, T. Heinzel, A. Kicherer, H. Spliethoff
    Pages 97-116
  7. Charles D. A. Coin, Hakan Kahraman, Adrian P. Peifenstein
    Pages 187-200
  8. I. S. Hutchings, S. S. West, J. Williamson
    Pages 201-222
  9. Donald P. McCollor, Christopher J. Zygarlicke, Steven A. Benson
    Pages 223-235
  10. R. P. Gupta, X. He, R. Ramaprabhu, T. F. Wall, I. Kajigaya, S. Miyamae et al.
    Pages 245-264
  11. Tuomas Valmari, Esko I. Kauppinen, Terttaliisa Lind, Minna Kurkela, Antero Moilanen, Riitta Zilliacus
    Pages 265-280
  12. L. E. Bool III, J. J. Helble
    Pages 281-292
  13. Galen H. Richards, John N. Harb, Larry L. Baxter
    Pages 293-308
  14. Anders Nordin, Marcus Öhman, Bengt-Johan Skrifvars, Mikko Hupa
    Pages 353-366
  15. Bengt-Johan Skrifvars, Mikko Hupa, Antero Moilanen, Ragnar Lundqvist
    Pages 383-398
  16. P. Mikkanen, E. I. Kauppinen, J. Pyykönen, J. K. Jokiniemi, M. Mäkinen
    Pages 409-423
  17. C. Tangsathitkulchai, M. Tangsathitkulchai
    Pages 425-435
  18. Terttaliisa Lind, Esko I. Kauppinen, Tuomas Valmari, Norbert Klippel, Christer Mauritzson
    Pages 437-449
  19. S. E. Allan, T. A. Erickson, D. P. McCollor
    Pages 451-470
  20. E. I. Kauppinen, T. M. Lind, T. Valmari, S. Ylätalo, J. K. Jokiniemi, Q. Powell et al.
    Pages 471-484
  21. A. N. Alekhnovich, V. V. Bogomolov
    Pages 485-493
  22. Karin Laursen, Flemming Frandsen, Ole Hede Larsen
    Pages 513-527
  23. A. N. Alekhnovich, V. V. Bogomolov, N. V. Artemjeva
    Pages 529-539
  24. T. F. Wall, R. A. Creelman, R. P. Gupta, S. Gupta, C. Coin, A. Lowe
    Pages 541-556
  25. John H. Pohl, Lindsay A. Juniper
    Pages 567-577
  26. F. Wigley, J. Williamson
    Pages 579-589
  27. Jorma K. Jokiniemi, Jouni Pyykönen, Jussi Lyyränen, Pirita Mikkanen, Esko I. Kauppinen
    Pages 591-615
  28. Christopher J. Zygarlicke, Kevin C. Galbreath, Donald P. McCollor, Donald L. Toman
    Pages 617-636
  29. Francis C. C. Lee, Gerry S. Riley, Fred C. Lockwood
    Pages 637-664
  30. Back Matter
    Pages 665-666

About this book


This book addresses the behavior of inorganic material in combustion systems. The past decade has seen unprecedented improvements in understanding the rates and mecha­ nisms of inorganic transformations and in developing analytical tools to predict them. These tools range from improved fuel analysis procedures to predictive computer codes. While this progress has been met with great enthusiasm within the research community, the practices of the industrial community remain largely unchanged. The papers in this book were selected from those presented at an Engineering Foundation Conference of the same title. All have been peer reviewed. The intent of the conference was to illustrate the application of advanced technology to ash-related problems in boilers and, by so doing, engage the research and industrial communities in more productive dialog. Those attending the conference generally felt that we were successful on these counts. We also engaged the industrial community to a greater extent than ever before in the conference discussion and presentation. We hope these proceedings will facilitate a continued and improved interaction between industrial and research communities. Behavior of inorganic material has long been recognized as one of the major considerations affecting the design and operation of boilers that burn ash-producing fuels. The practical problems associated with the behavior are sometimes catastrophic and spec­ tacular, ranging from major slag falls that damage the bottom of furnaces to complete plugging of convection passes.


combustion corrosion deposits design development

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