Advances in Psychoneuroimmunology

  • Istvan Berczi
  • Judith Szélenyi

Part of the Hans Selye Symposia on Neuroendocrinology and Stress book series (HSSN, volume 3)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. The Pioneering Contributions of Hans Selye, Miklos Jancso and Andor Szentivanyi to Psychoneuroimmunology

  3. Hormonal Immunoregulation

    1. The Role of Growth and Lactogenic Hormones

      1. Wilson Savino, Valeria Mello-Coelho, Mireille Dardenne
        Pages 75-82
      2. Robert Rapaport
        Pages 83-98
      3. Sean Arkins, Keith W. Kelley
        Pages 99-110
      4. Eva Nagy, Istvan Berczi
        Pages 111-123
      5. Sara E. Walker, Duane H. Keisler, Susan H. Allen, Cynthia L. Besch-Williford, Robert W. Hoffman, Robert W. McMurray
        Pages 125-135
    2. Immunoregulation by the ACTH-Adrenal Axis

    3. Neuroendocrine and Metabolic Effects of Cytokines

      1. Hugo O. Besedovsky, Adriana del Rey
        Pages 149-159
      2. James M. Krueger, Linda Toth
        Pages 161-171
      3. E. Arzt, J. Sauer, U. Renner, G. K. Stalla
        Pages 173-179
      4. Erno Duda, Śandor Benko, Ibolya Horv́ath, Erzśebet Galiba, Tibor Ṕali, Ferenc Jóo et al.
        Pages 181-190
    4. Steroid Hormones

      1. David A. Sullivan, Zhiyan Huang, Ross W. Lambert, L. Alexandra Wickham, Masafumi Ono, Janethe D. O. Pena et al.
        Pages 213-222
      2. A. H. W. M. Schuurs, G. H. J. Deckers, H. A. M. Verheul
        Pages 223-231
      3. E. Baral, E. Nagy, I. Berczi
        Pages 233-241
    5. Pathological Aspects of Endocrine-Immune Interactions

      1. Sylvia L. Asa, Kalman Kovacs
        Pages 243-252
      2. Hiroshi Nagura, Mitsuo Kimura, Mituru Kubota, Noriko Kimura
        Pages 253-261
  4. Neural Influences on the Immune System and on Inflammation

    1. Immunomodulation by Neurotransmitters and Neuropeptides

      1. Judith Szelenyi, Nguyen Thi Hu Ha
        Pages 271-277
      2. Reinhold E. Schmidt, Roland Jacobs, Thomas O. F. Wagner, Uwe Tewes, Manfred Schedlowski
        Pages 279-289
    2. Neuroregulation of Inflammation and Hypersensitivity

      1. Veljko J. Djuríc, John Bienenstock, Mary H. Perdue
        Pages 291-301
      2. Ronald Mathison, Joseph S. Davison, A. Dean Befus
        Pages 303-315
  5. Behavioral Modulation of Immunity

    1. Stress, Immune Function, and Disease

      1. Alex Kusnecov, Bruce S. Rabin
        Pages 323-330
  6. Aging

    1. Neuroimmunology of Aging

      1. N. Fabris, E. Mocchegiani, M. Provinciali
        Pages 331-338
      2. Paola Sacerdote, Emilio Clementi, Barbara Manfredi, Alberto E. Panerai
        Pages 339-348
      3. Konrad Schauenstein, Ingo Rinner, Peter Felsner, Dietmar Hofer, Harald Mangge, Elisabeth Skreiner et al.
        Pages 349-356
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 357-371

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  • Judith Szélenyi
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  2. 2.National Institute of Haematology, Blood Transfusion and ImmunologyBudapestHungary

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