Advances in Polyolefins

The World’s Most Widely Used Polymers

  • Raymond B. Seymour
  • Tai Cheng

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Introduction

    1. Raymond B. Seymour, Tai Cheng
      Pages 1-2
  3. History of Polyolefins

    1. Raymond B. Seymour
      Pages 3-14
  4. Internal Polyolefins and a Few Highly Substituted Polyvinyls

  5. Estimating Poly(1-Alkene) Properties from Oligomer and Repeat Unit Dimensions

  6. Relations Between Molecular Structure — Morphological Structure and Properties of Polyethylenes

  7. Elastomers

    1. R. Faust, J. P. Kennedy
      Pages 39-58
    2. G. Foschini, F. Milani
      Pages 75-87
  8. Stereospecific Catalysts for Olefin Polymerization

    1. M. A. Bruzzone
      Pages 99-110
    2. Alan Ellison, J. A. Moulijn, B. Scheffer, A. Brown, B. Herbert, P. Humphrey et al.
      Pages 111-141
    3. Kazuo Soga, Shian-Ing Chen, Y. Doi, T. Shiono
      Pages 143-151
    4. H. L. Hsieh, M. P. McDaniel, J. L. Martin, P. D. Smith, D. R. Fahey
      Pages 153-169
    5. S. E. Wilson, W. L. Callender, R. C. Job
      Pages 171-178
    6. A. Muñoz-Escalona, J. G. Hernández, J. A. Gallardo, A. Sustic
      Pages 179-201
    7. Kiyotomi Kaneda, Toshinobu Imanaka, Shiichiro Teranishi
      Pages 203-227
  9. Magnesium Chloride Supported Catalysts

    1. R. Spitz, L. Duranel, A. Guyot
      Pages 229-240
    2. R. E. Hoff, T. J. Pullukat, R. A. Dombro
      Pages 241-254
    3. P. C. Barbe, L. Noristi, M. A. Schexnayder
      Pages 295-307
    4. P. J. T. Tait, M. Ab Eid, A. E. Enenmo
      Pages 309-321
    5. Norio Kashiwa, Akinori Toyota, Junichi Yoshitake
      Pages 323-335
  10. Linear Low Density Polyolefins

    1. F. J. Karol, B. E. Wagner, I. J. Levine, G. L. Goeke, A. Noshay
      Pages 337-354
    2. Steven P. Sawin, Gene W. Powers
      Pages 355-360
    3. P. Schouterden, G. Groeninckx, H. Reynaers
      Pages 373-380
    4. Gerald Scott
      Pages 381-391
  11. Characterization of Polyolefins

    1. H. N. Cheng, M. A. Bennett
      Pages 393-404
    2. David Cook, Alfred Rudin, Henry P. Schreiber, Joel Young
      Pages 435-447
    3. Francis M. Mirabella Jr.
      Pages 449-455
    4. B. Catoire, P. Bouriot, M. Sotton, C. Chabert, J. P. Soulier, D. Sage
      Pages 457-470
    5. Barbara E. Linder, Robert J. Samuels
      Pages 471-493
    6. T. Kanamoto, T. Hoshiba, K. Tanaka, M. Takeda, Roger S. Porter
      Pages 495-497
  12. Polypropylene Film

    1. T. L. Vigo, A. Muschelewicz, K.-Y. Wei
      Pages 499-512
    2. Stanley E. Ross
      Pages 513-521
    3. Marvin Wishman, James Leininger, Deborah Fenton
      Pages 523-535
    4. Pushpa Bajaj, A. C. Vashista, Amir Modjarrad
      Pages 537-551
    5. H. F. Mark
      Pages 553-556
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 557-568

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