Thermoelectricity in Metallic Conductors

  • Frank J. Blatt
  • Peter A. Schroeder

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. R. B. Roberts
    Pages 21-27
  3. P. B. Jacovelli, O. H. Zinke
    Pages 29-36
  4. A. M. Guénault, D. G. Hawksworth
    Pages 37-38
  5. A. M. Guénault
    Pages 39-41
  6. R. Craig, R. S. Crisp
    Pages 51-55
  7. H. J. van Daal, K. H. J. Buschow, P. B. van Aken
    Pages 107-115
  8. M. V. Vedernikov, V. G. Dvunitkin, A. Zhumagulov
    Pages 117-123
  9. P. B. Allen, B. Chakraborty
    Pages 125-130
  10. R. R. Bourassa, Shing-Yah Wang
    Pages 137-144
  11. M. V. Vedernikov, I. V. Abarenkov, I. L. Korobova, J. Marton
    Pages 145-148
  12. G. F. Zharkov
    Pages 149-161
  13. A. M. Guénault, C. M. Pegrum, K. A. Webster
    Pages 179-181
  14. R. H. Dee, A. M. Guénault, E. A. Walker
    Pages 183-187
  15. A. M. Gulian, G. F. Zharkov
    Pages 189-193
  16. J. E. Enderby
    Pages 195-202
  17. P. L. Taylor
    Pages 211-222
  18. J. Bass, R. Fletcher, J. L. Opsal, B. J. Thaler
    Pages 233-240
  19. B. J. Thaler, R. Fletcher
    Pages 249-255
  20. W. P. Pratt Jr., C. Uher, P. A. Schroeder, J. Bass
    Pages 265-280
  21. K. H. Fischer
    Pages 295-305
  22. C. W. Lee, J. R. Kuhn, C. L. Foiles, J. Bass
    Pages 307-313
  23. P. M. Chaikin
    Pages 359-375
  24. C. K. Chiang, A. F. Garito, A. J. Heeger
    Pages 377-383
  25. G. A. Scholz, W. R. Datars, D. Chartier, R. Gillespie
    Pages 385-394
  26. C. K. Chiang, R. Spal, A. Denenstein, A. J. Heeger, N. D. Miro, A. G. Macdiarmid
    Pages 395-400
  27. B. R. Coles
    Pages 401-405
  28. Back Matter
    Pages 407-422

About this book


The first International Conference on Thermoelectric Properties of Metallic Conductors was held at Michigan State University on August 10-12, 1977. The conference was sponsored and supported by the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research and the Ford Motor Company. Although the topic may appear, at first glance, rather narrow and of limited interest, it impacts significantly on numerous fields of research, in each instance providing a unique and fru- ful technique for securing important data that is frequently difficult to obtain by other means. Thus, though thermoelectricity is the thread that binds these pages together, the papers constitute a patchwork quilt that includes critical phenomena, superconductivity, many-body theory, quasi one-dimensional systems, liquid metals, to mention only a few. This volume contains the 12 invited and 31 contributed papers, arranged in the order in which they were presented, as well as much of the frequently spirited and always illuminating discussion that followed these papers. Regrettably, not all of the discussion is included. Difficulties with the recording system during the first session (Wednesday morning) did not become apparent before the end of that session, and, consequently, none of the discussion--some of it fairly heated--appears in the proceedings; other remarks were lost to posterity through occasional malfunctioning of the record­ ing facilities and/or failure of speakers to come near a microphone.


Niob copper diffusion electricity foundation liquid mercury metals molybdenum noble metal potassium research sodium superconductivity uranium

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