Risk Assessment and Management

  • Lester B. Lave

Part of the Advances in Risk Analysis book series (AIRA, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Black Hats, Economists and Societal Risk Assessment

  3. Risk Analysis: Estimating Health Risks

  4. Risk Analysis: Estimating Safety Risks

    1. Edwin L. Zebroski
      Pages 113-126
    2. P. Bacher, J. P. Kus, D. Vignon
      Pages 127-136
    3. Robert M. Bernero
      Pages 137-140
    4. Daniel Beardsley
      Pages 141-146
    5. M. E. Paté-Cornell, H. L. Lee
      Pages 189-199
    6. Anthony R. Buhl, James C. Carter, Mario H. Fontana, Robert E. Henry, Harold A. Mitchell
      Pages 205-217
    7. M. C. Leverett
      Pages 219-227
    8. Pamela F. Nelson, William E. Kastenberg, Kenneth A. Solomon
      Pages 229-240
    9. George V. Alexeeff
      Pages 279-287
    10. Ganapathy Ramachandran
      Pages 289-308
  5. Risk Analysis: Perceptions and Behavior

  6. Risk Analysis: Method Development

    1. D. Krewski, P. L. Birkwood
      Pages 399-406
    2. W. Kip Viscusi, Wesley A. Magat
      Pages 421-427
    3. Tanya Roberts
      Pages 453-465
    4. John C. Chicken, Michael R. Hayns
      Pages 481-490
    5. Larry J. Zaragoza, David R. Patrick, Robert M. Schell, Ila L. Cote, Mike Dusetzina, Nancy B. Pate et al.
      Pages 491-498

About this book


This is a collection of papers presented at the 1985 annual meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis. As always seems to occur at these meetings, the discussion was lively, the sessions were filled, and people complained about not being able to hear all the papers they wanted to because of concurrent sessions. If ever someone is in charge of a meeting, I wish them the good luck to have it be one for the Society for Risk Analysis. While I was responsible for the meeting, it could not have taken place without the efforts of the general chairman, Alan Moshissi. The program committee was chaired by Janice Longstreth, and included Lee Abramson and Vincent Covello. Together we assembled disparate papers into reasonably coherent sessions, prodded authors into getting us manuscrLpts on time, and dealt with all the last minute changes that are required for a major meeting. The Washington chapter of the Society for Risk Analysis hosted the meeting. Dr. Longstreth was president of the chapter during this fateful year and deserves a great deal of thanks for her organizational skills and efforts. Rick Cothern, Jerry Chandler, Kathleen Knox, Sue Perlin, and Paul Price played major roles in organ1z1ng the meeting and making it run smoothly. Special thanks go to Richard J. Burk, Jr. , Executive Secretary of the Society, and his staff for handling the logistics.


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