Principles of Mobile Communication

  • Gordon L. Stüber

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About this book


Principles of Mobile Communication provides an authoritative treatment of the fundamentals of mobile communications, one of the fastest growing areas of the modern telecommunications industry. The book stresses the fundamentals of mobile communications engineering that are important for the design of any mobile system. Less emphasis is placed on the description of existing and proposed wireless standards. This focus on fundamental issues should be of benefit not only to students taking formal instruction but also to practising engineers who are likely to already have a detailed familiarity with the standards and are seeking to deepen their knowledge of this important field. The book stresses mathematical modeling and analysis, rather than providing a qualitative overview. It has been specifically developed as a textbook for graduate level instruction and a reference book for practising engineers and those seeking to pursue research in the area. The book contains sufficient background material for the novice, yet enough advanced material for a sequence of graduate level courses.
Principles of Mobile Communication treats a variety of contemporary issues, many of which have been treated before only in the journals. Some material in the book has never appeared before in the literature. The book provides an up-to-date treatment of the subject area at a level of detail that is not available in other books. Also, the book is unique in that the whole range of topics covered is not presently available in any other book. Throughout the book, detailed derivations are provided and extensive references to the literature are made. This is of value to the reader wishing to gain detailed knowledge of a particular topic.


bandwidth coding communication communications engineering design modeling signal telecommunications

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