Optical Fiber Sensor Technology


  • K. T. V. Grattan
  • B. T. Meggitt

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  2. K. T. V. Grattan, T. Sun
    Pages 1-44
  3. V. A. Handerek
    Pages 45-83
  4. V. A. Handerek
    Pages 85-113
  5. Y. J. Rao, D. A. Jackson
    Pages 167-191
  6. K. T. V. Grattan
    Pages 239-292
  7. K. Weir, J. D. C. Jones
    Pages 293-325
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About this book


Fundamentals of Optical Fiber Sensor Technology The field of optical fiber sensors continues to expand and develop, being increasingly influenced by new applications of the technologies that have been the topics of research for some years. In this way, the subject continues to mature and reach into new areas of engineering. This text in the series on Optical Fiber Sensor Technology provides a foundation for a better understanding of those developments in the basic science and its applications in fiber sensors, underpinning the subject today. This book builds upon the work in an earlier single volume which covered a broad area of the subject, but which now, in this, volume 1 of the series, focuses upon the fundamentals and essentials of the technology. Material which is included has been carefully reviewed and in most cases thoroughly revised and expanded to reflect the current state of the subject, and provide an essential background for the more applications-oriented content of the subsequent volumes of the series. This volume opens with a status paper on optical fiber sensor technology, by Kenneth Grattan and Tong Sun providing in it a flavor of the main topics in the field and giving an essential overview at the sort of systems which are discussed in more detail in the other chapters in the whole series. An extensive publication list of readily accessible papers reflecting these topics is included.


Modulation Sensor interferometry measurement optoelectronics sensors

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