Mössbauer Effect Data Index

Covering the 1976 Literature

  • John G. Stevens
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One of the most important - and unfortunately scientific information of interest in our field least advertised - applications of nuclear gamma from ali over the world in many languages, and resonance spectroscopy is the organized indexing documented, evaluated, and presented this in­ of scientific information. While there are only formation in a comprehensive format. two active workers in this field, the rest of us It tak.e this opportunity to congratulate the are the beneficiaries of their unique effort which Stevenses for their success, and to express my keeps us well informed in our own fields of in­ gratitude to them for their service to all of us. terest. This tenth volume of MEDI is a land­ 1 wish them very good luck. mark in an experiment in the distribution of scientific information, initiated by Art Muir R. L. M?SSBAUER and his group. Sin ce 1969, J ohn and Virginia Munich Stevens have explored new ways of gathering December, 1977 V Acknowledgments This year our operation was located at the Uni­ proofread the data and references, and in so versity of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, where we doing demonstrated a special kind of patience were working during a year lea ve of absence from and attention to detail. Other longtime assistants UNC-A. In Nijmegen Dr. Jan Trooster was our are Professor G. N. Belozerskii of USSR and Dr.


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