Electronic Excitations at Metal Surfaces

  • Ansgar Liebsch

Part of the Physics of Solids and Liquids book series (PSLI)

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About this book


In this new work, the focus is on the dynamical response of metal electrons to several types of incident electromagnetic fields. The author, an eminent theorist, discusses Time-Dependent Local Density Approximation's importance in both elucidating electronic surface excitations and describing the ground state properties of electronic systems. Chapters detail theoretical formulations and computational procedures, covering such areas as single-particle and collective modes, spatial distribution of the induced surface charges, and local electric fields. Excitation spectra are shown for a variety of clean simple metals, noble metals, chemisorbed overlayers, charged surfaces, and small metal particles.


density density functional theory distribution electromagnetic electromagnetic field electromagnetic fields electron fields magnetic field magnetic fields metals noble metal nonlinear optics particles spectra

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