Biofluid Mechanics · 2

  • Daniel J. Schneck

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Alvin H. Sacks
    Pages 1-10
  3. Jay C. Hardin, James C. Yu, John L. Patterson, Waring Trible Jr.
    Pages 39-55
  4. George V. Lauder
    Pages 161-181
  5. Paul D. Stein, Hani N. Sabbah, Frederick J. Walburn
    Pages 211-241
  6. P. G. Alchas, A. J. Snyder, Winfred M. Phillips
    Pages 243-265
  7. A. P. Yoganathan, H. H. Reamer, W. H. Corcoran, E. C. Harrison, I. A. Shulman, W. Parnassus
    Pages 267-294
  8. A. P. Yoganathan, W. H. Corcoran, E. C. Harrison, A. Chaux
    Pages 295-316
  9. A. A. van Steenhoven, M. E. H. van Dongen
    Pages 317-325
  10. Kenneth R. Diller, C. Dudley Evans, John P. Parsons
    Pages 347-361
  11. S. Laxminarayan, R. Laxminarayan, S. Chatterjee, O. Mills, J. Ronda, E. D. Weitzman
    Pages 363-386
  12. P. M. Hutchins, V. L. Roddick, J. W. Dusseau
    Pages 387-400
  13. R. L. Humphrey
    Pages 417-432
  14. R. J. Liou, M. E. Clark, J. M. Robertson, L. C. Cheng
    Pages 457-474
  15. K. Balasubramanian, D. P. Giddens, R. F. Mabon
    Pages 475-496
  16. V. O’Brien, L. W. Ehrlich
    Pages 497-516
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 517-519

About this book


The Department of Engineering Science and Hechanics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University spon­ sored the First Mid-Atlantic Conference on Bio-Fluid Mechanics, which was held in Blacksburg, Virginia during the period 9-11 August 1978. Some 40 life-scientists, engineers, physicians and others who share a common interest in the advancement of basic and applied knowledge in bio­ fluid mechanics gathered at the Donaldson Brown Center for Continuing Education to hear 25 papers presented in seven technical sessions. At the conclusion of the conference, those present decided unanimously that its success warranted having at least one more -- and that it was conceptually a sound idea to plan it on a biennial basis for late spring. Hence, the second Mid-Atlantic Conference on Bio­ Fluid Mechanics took place at Virginia Tech on May 4-6, 1980. This volume documents the Proceedings of the second conference. It contains full texts of 23 contributed papers, 2 guest lectures and 1 invited seminar. The papers are gr9uped according to subject matter, beginning with 3 in the area of respiration, followed by 1 in kidney dialysis, 1 in reproduction, 1 in joint lubrication, 1 in prosthetic fluidics, 2 in zoology, and ending with 14 in the general field of cardiovascular dynamics. Of the latter, 5 deal with the subject of heart valves, 2 concern themselves with the microcirculation, 6 address vascular system hemodynamics and 1 covers some aspects of blood rheology.


dialysis dynamics fluid mechanics respiration rheology

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