Air Pollution Modeling

Theories, Computational Methods and Available Software

  • Paolo Zannetti

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About this book


Finishing this book is giving me a mixture of relief, satisfaction and frus­ tration. Relief, for the completion of a project that has taken too many of my evenings and weekends and that, in the last several months, has become almost an obsession. Satisfaction, for the optimistic feeling that this book, in spite of its many shortcomings and imbalances, will be of some help to the air pollution scientific community. Frustration, for the impossibility of incorporating newly available material that would require another major review of several key chap­ ters - an effort that is currently beyond my energies but not beyond my desires. The first canovaccio of this book came out in 1980 when I was invited by Computational Mechanics in the United Kingdom to give my first Air Pollution Modeling course. The course material, in the form of transparencies, expanded, year after year, thus providing a growing working basis. In 1985, the ECC Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy, asked me to prepare a critical survey of mathe­ matical models of atmospheric pollution, transport and deposition. This support gave me the opportunity to prepare a sort of "first draft" of the book, which I expanded in the following years.


air pollution mechanics pollution transport

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