Elements of Operator Theory

  • Carlos S. Kubrusly

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About this book


{\it Elements of Operatory Theory} is aimed at graduate students as well as a new generation of mathematicians and scientists who need to apply operator theory to their field. Written in a user-friendly, motivating style, fundamental topics are presented in a systematic fashion, i.e., set theory, algebraic structures, topological structures, Banach spaces, Hilbert spaces, culminating with the Spectral Theorem, one of the landmarks in the theory of operators on Hilbert spaces. The exposition is concept-driven and as much as possible avoids the formula-computational approach. Key features of this largely self-contained work include: * required background material to each chapter * fully rigorous proofs, over 300 of them, are specially tailored to the presentation and some are new * more than 100 examples and, in several cases, interesting counterexamples that demonstrate the frontiers of an important theorem * over 300 problems, many with hints * both problems and examples underscore further auxiliary results and extensions of the main theory; in this non-traditional framework, the reader is challenged and has a chance to prove the principal theorems anew This work is an excellent text for the classroom as well as a self-study resource for researchers. Prerequisites include an introduction to analysis and to functions of a complex variable, which most first-year graduate students in mathematics, engineering, or another formal science have already acquired. Measure theory and integration theory are required only for the last section of the final chapter.


Algebra Hilbert space Operator theory functional analysis ksa set set theory

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