The Exstrophy—Epispadias Complex

Research Concepts and Clinical Applications

  • John P. Gearhart
  • Ranjiv Mathews

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  2. Mihir M. Jani, Paul D. Sponseller, John P. Gearhart, A. Valdevit, E. Y.-S. Chao
    Pages 9-15
  3. J. A. Gosling, R. Mathews, J. P. Gearhart
    Pages 17-23
  4. Edward J. Macarak, Stephen Zderic, Howard M. C. Snyder, Douglas Canning, Pamela S. Howard
    Pages 25-31
  5. Ellen Shapiro, Robert D. Jeffs, John P. Gearhart, Herbert Lepor
    Pages 33-39
  6. Dennis S. Peppas, Marie-Blanche Tchetgen, Benjamin R. Lee, Robert D. Jeffs, John P. Gearhart
    Pages 41-47
  7. Benjamin R. Lee, Elizabeth J. Perlman, Alan W. Partin, Robert D. Jeffs, John P. Gearhart
    Pages 49-55
  8. Bruce L. Slaughenhoupt, John P. Gearhart
    Pages 57-61
  9. John P. Gearhart, Ranjiv Mathews
    Pages 65-67
  10. Paul D. Sponseller, John P. Gearhart, Mihir M. Jani, Robert D. Jeffs
    Pages 69-75
  11. Douglas A. Canning, Thomas Lanchoney, Simone McKitty, Stephen Zderic, Howard M. Snyder III, John W. Duckett Jr.
    Pages 77-82
  12. John P. Gearhart, Ranjiv Mathews
    Pages 93-96
  13. Raimund Stein, Margit Fisch, Rudolf Hohenfellner
    Pages 97-103
  14. Steven G. Docimo
    Pages 105-110
  15. Sami Arap, Amilcar M. Giron
    Pages 111-115
  16. Richard I. Silver, Andrew Yang, Jacob Ben-Chaim, Robert D. Jeffs, John P. Gearhart
    Pages 117-125
  17. Michael E. Mitchell
    Pages 127-131
  18. John P. Gearhart, Christopher Sciortino, Jacob Ben-Chaim, Dennis S. Peppas, Robert D. Jeffs
    Pages 133-138
  19. William G. Reiner
    Pages 165-167
  20. Jacob Ben-Chaim, Robert D. Jeffs, William G. Reiner, John P. Gearhart
    Pages 169-173
  21. C. R. J. Woodhouse
    Pages 175-183
  22. Raimund Stein, Margit Fisch, Rudolf Hohenfellner
    Pages 185-191
  23. Terry W. Hensle, Erik T. Goluboff, Harry Fisch
    Pages 193-197
  24. Douglas A. Husmann, David R. Vandersteen
    Pages 199-206
  25. Edwin A. Smith, John R. Woodard, Bruce H. Broecker, Rafael Gosalbez Jr., Richard R. Ricketts
    Pages 207-215
  26. W. Hardy Hendren, Robert E. Gross, Dennis P. Lund
    Pages 221-236
  27. R. Wammach, M. Fisch, H. Nawrath, E. Weihe, R. Hohenfellner, Leslie D. Tackett et al.
    Pages 237-250
  28. Back Matter
    Pages 251-252

About this book


The undertaking of the treatment of an infant born with bladder exstrophy is one of the most weighty responsibilities that can fall upon the shoulders of the reconstructive sur­ geon. The modern treatment of a child born with bladder exstrophy began in the mid- 1970's with the widespread application of staged reconstruction. This approach has consistently yielded very good results in several series. However, as in all serious congeni­ tal birth defects, there is certainly room for advancement. Issues such as the routine use of osteotomy, timing and type of epispadias repair, combining bladder closure with epispadias repair, the approach to the small bladder, and the management of a failed exstrophy still remain. This National Institute of Health/Na­ tional Kidney Foundation/Johns Hopkins-sponsored seminar was an attempt to bring ex­ perts in the field of pediatric orthopedic surgery, pediatric urology, pediatric surgery, adult urology, and basic science together to share their experiences in an attempt to foster new clinical and basic science research communications between the participants. If these col­ laborations result, then this first international meeting will have been successful. The editors would like to thank all of the contributors for their timely and complete submissions. John P. Gearhart, M.D. Ranjiv Mathews, M.D. vii CONTENTS 1. The Embryology and Epidemiology of Bladder Exstrophy ................. .


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