Algorithms for VLSI Physical Design Automation

  • Naveed A. Sherwani

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About this book


Algorithms for VLSI Physical Design Automation is a core reference text for graduate students and CAD professionals. It provides a comprehensive treatment of the principles and algorithms of VLSI physical design. Algorithms for VLSI Physical Design Automation presents the concepts and algorithms in an intuitive manner. Each chapter contains 3-4 algorithms that are discussed in detail. Additional algorithms are presented in a somewhat shorter format. References to advanced algorithms are presented at the end of each chapter.
Algorithms for VLSI Physical Design Automation covers all aspects of physical design. The first three chapters provide the background material while the subsequent chapters focus on each phase of the physical design cycle. In addition, newer topics like physical design automation of FPGAs and MCMs have been included. The author provides an extensive bibliography which is useful for finding advanced material on a topic.
Algorithms for VLSI Physical Design Automation is an invaluable reference for professionals in layout, design automation and physical design.


Phase VLSI automation computer-aided design (CAD) design

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