Dimensional Color

  • Lois Swirnoff

Part of the Design Science Collection book series (DSC)

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About this book


In a broad sense Design Science is the fail to perceive the system of organiza­ grammar of a language of images rather tion determining the form of such than of words. Modern communication structures. techniques enable us to transmit and reconstitute images without the need of Perception is a complex process. Our knowing a specific verbal sequential senses record ; they are analogous to language such as the Morse code, or audio or video devices. We cannot, Hungarian. International traffic signs however, claim that such devices per­ use international image symbols which ceive. Perception involves more than are not specific to any particular verbal meets the eye: it involves processing language. An image language differs and organization of recorded data. from a verbal one in that the latter uses When we name an object, we actually a linear string of symbols, whereas the name a concept: such words as octahe­ former is multidimensional. dron, collage, tessellation, dome, each desig­ nate a wide variety of objects sharing Architecturial renderings commonly certain characteristics. When we devise show projections onto three mutually ways of transforming an octahedron, or perpendicular planes, or consist of cross determine whether a given shape will sections at different altitudes capable of tessellate the plane, we make use of being stacked and representing different these characteristics, which constitute floor plans. Such renderings make it the grammar of structure.


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  1. 1.Department of Art, Design, and Art HistoryUniversity of California at Los AngelesLos AngelesUSA

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