Water-Soluble Polymers for Petroleum Recovery

  • G. A. Stahl
  • D. N. Schulz

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Overview

  3. Polymer Chemistry/Preparation

    1. G. A. Stahl, A. Moradi-Araghi, P. H. Doe
      Pages 121-130
    2. J. Bock, P. L. Valint Jr., S. J. Pace, D. B. Siano, D. N. Schulz, S. R. Turner
      Pages 147-160
    3. Charles L. McCormick, C. Brent Johnson
      Pages 161-180
    4. J. C. Salamone, I. Ahmed, M. K. Raheja, P. Elayaperumal, A. C. Watterson, A. P. Olson
      Pages 181-194
  4. Polymer Characterization

    1. R. D. Hester, A. D. Puckett
      Pages 201-213
    2. G. Holzwarth, L. Soni, D. N. Schulz, J. Bock
      Pages 215-229
    3. B. T. Stokke, O. Smidsrød, A. B. L. Marthinsen, A. Elgsaeter
      Pages 243-252
    4. J. J. Maurer, G. D. Harvey, L. P. Klemann
      Pages 261-270
    5. A. Moradi-Araghi, E. T. Hsieh, I. J. Westerman
      Pages 271-278
    6. Chris Franklin Parks, Bonnie L. Gall, Peter E. Clark
      Pages 279-297
  5. Crosslinked Polymers

  6. Back Matter
    Pages 353-355

About this book


We both found ourselves working on water-soluble polymers for oil recovery in the early 1980' s. Our previ ous backgrounds i nvo 1 ved the synthesi sand characteri zati on of hydrocarbon polymers for everythi ng from elastomers to plastics. As such, we were largely unprepared for the special difficulties associated with water soluble polymers in genera 1, and thei ruse in enhanced oi 1 recovery (EOR) , in parti cul ar. Oil patch applications have a jargon and technical heritage quite apart from that usually experienced by traditional polymer scientists. At that time, no books were available to help us "get up to speed" in the polymers for oil recovery field. Since then, there have been a number of symposia on this topic, but still few books, especially from the polymer (rather than the field-applications) perspective. Synthetic water soluble/swellable polymers have commercial importance in such application as water treatment, cosmetics, and foods. Yet, these polymers have not received the scientific/technological attention they deserve. The application of water soluble polymers to oil recovery has, in fact, highlighted the need for new water based materials, and a fundamental understanding of their structure and use. Interest has been spurred not only for the potenti a 1 economi c credi ts from enhanced oi 1 recovery and an augmented polymers business, but also by the challenge of designing water soluble polymers for harsh environments.


Ampholyte chemistry hydrolysis polymer polymer chemistry viscosity water

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