The Geomagnetic Field and Life


  • A. P. Dubrov

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About this book


I am very pleased that my book The Geomagnetic Field and Life is being published in English in the United States. Thanks to the initiative of Plenum Press, a publishing hause that is widely known in all countries, I have a great new opportunity to make direct contact with friends throughout the world. My book on the geomagnetic field can be regarded as an abstraction, whose purpose is to provide a better picture and understanding of the world araund us, its main driving forces, and factors, to help us to know ourselves, and to proceed further. The essence of the abstraction is that in treating the problern I have deliberately ignored the diverse effects of various extemal factors on living organisms and have confined myself to an analysis of the effect of the GMF. This approach allows me to go one step further-to draw various conclusions and propose theories that rnight bring us closer to a proper understanding of the true nature of the phenomena. Philosophers have long been aware that by such abstract thinking we can deterrnine the nature of phenomena more reliably, completely, and comprehensively, penetrate to the very core of the observed effects, and perceive the depth of their interrelations.


biological biology earth magnetic field

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