Advances in Manufacturing Technology

Proceedings of the First National Conference on Production Research

  • Editors
  • P. F. McGoldrick

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-10
  2. Production Planning and Control

    1. G. B. Williams, J. E. English, M. Fielden, I. M. Page, T. Markoyiannopoulos
      Pages 21-26
    2. G. Kruse
      Pages 27-32
    3. C. Jones, S. K. Chaharsooghi
      Pages 38-44
    4. R. J. Twist
      Pages 45-50
  3. Computer Integrated Manufacture

    1. D. A. Scrimshire
      Pages 64-70
    2. S. M. Panton, D. A. Milner
      Pages 71-78
    3. V. C. Vasiliou, D. A. Milner
      Pages 79-85
    4. C. M. Sumpter, J. D. Gascoigne, R. H. Weston
      Pages 86-94
  4. Cell Manufacture

  5. Assembly

  6. Quality and Measurement

  7. Simulation

    1. N. A. Rusby, J. A. G. Knight
      Pages 185-191
    2. J. T. Southall, C. J. Twamley, R. E. Nicholls
      Pages 192-197
    3. A. R. Young, J. Murray
      Pages 198-202
  8. Robotics

    1. P. J. Armstrong, E. J. Wright, J. P. Curran, S. D. Francey
      Pages 211-219
    2. M. D. Wybrow, S. C. Pomeroy, H. J. Dixon, J. A. G. Knight
      Pages 220-228
    3. R. Harrison, R. H. Weston, P. R. Moore, T. W. Thatcher
      Pages 229-236
    4. C. C. Brown, J. C. Starke
      Pages 237-245
    5. J. D. Gascoigne, R. H. Weston, C. M. Sumpter
      Pages 246-254
    6. C. R. Nagarajah, J. A. G. Knight
      Pages 261-263
    7. T. W. Thatcher, R. H. Weston, P. R. Moore, R. Harrison
      Pages 264-269
  9. Teaching and Training

  10. Design

  11. Materials

    1. F. Abbasi, A. J. Fletcher, A. B. Soomro
      Pages 320-328
    2. P. M. Dickens
      Pages 329-336
    3. T. G. Lindsay, G. S. Tough
      Pages 337-344
    4. B. Zantout, A. A. Das, A. J. Clegg
      Pages 345-352

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