Neuropharmacology of Ethanol

New Approaches

  • Roger E. Meyer
  • Michael J. Lewis
  • George F. Koob
  • Steven M. Paul

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. A. Leslie Morrow, Pascale Montpied, Steven M. Paul
    Pages 49-76
  3. Eric J. Moody, Herman J. C. Yeh, Phil Skolnick
    Pages 77-92
  4. Boris Tabakoff, Carolyn S. Rabe, Kathleen A. Grant, Peter Valverius, Michael Hudspith, Paula J. Hoffman
    Pages 93-106
  5. Ting-Kai Li, David W. Crabb, Lawrence Lumeng
    Pages 107-124
  6. F. Weiss, G. F. Koob
    Pages 125-162
  7. Conan Kornetsky, Marjorie Moolten, George Bain
    Pages 179-199
  8. Scott E. Lukas, Jack H. Mendelson, Leslie Amass, Richard A. Benedikt, John N. Henry Jr., Elena M. Kouri
    Pages 201-231
  9. Jack H. Mendelson, Nancy K. Mello, Scott E. Lukas, Siew K. Teoh, William R. Phipps, James Ellingboe et al.
    Pages 233-250
  10. Roger E. Meyer, Zelig Dolinsky
    Pages 251-264
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 265-271

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